Marriage is a sacred relationship in which a couple
mutually decides to continue their lives together. It is a promise between a
husband and a wife to be by each other’s sides through it all and no matter
what. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer,
forsaking all others, until death do them apart. Civil marriage is like any
other marriage, it is a promise of love that two people choose it not to be
under any religion other than love. Unfortunately, civil marriage is not
allowed in Lebanon; however, the country recognizes civil marriage which took
place outside the Lebanese land. Religious authorities from one of the 18 sects
registered perform marriages here. Why a beautiful, liberal, and
multi-religions country like Lebanon does not have yet civil marriage?

civil marriage is respecting the liberty of the
human as an example in many nations who’re developed along with France and
united states ladies can positioned her family call of her children and the
husband standard her idea. further the second one benefit is the less difficult
divorce women or guy when they get married her or his lifestyles as single is
definitely unique, they have a number of urgent and plus that they can have
troubles with every other’s just like the violence towards ladies or guy within
the same own family or cheating on every other’s and they see that the divorce
is better than still preventing to all there life so the civil marriage it’s
easier to divorce than getting marriage religion that is so harder to offer you
the divorce. The 0.33 benefit of civil marriage, identical partnership on
houses like cash or financial institution accounts or the residence, the whole
lot they may have it in the middle between the couples.

Civil marriage is authorized in many nations in the
vicinity, from Turkey to Tunisia, but it has always been out of the query in
Lebanon. Efforts to legalize civil marriage in Lebanon have existed when you
consider that 1950 however they have usually confronted robust oppositions. In
1998 a reform bill delivered by then President Elias Hrawi become surpassed
with the aid of cupboard most effective to be vetoed with the aid of Prime
Minister Rafik Hariri. Nevertheless, protestors organized rallies in reaction
to the bill’s failure and numerous personal organizations released media
campaigns selling civil marriage in Lebanon, but to no avail. Critics insist
that a regulation legalizing civil marriage will by no means pass due to the
fact influential spiritual leaders resist any move towards secularization,
which would mitigate their power and facilitate inter-non secular unions.
Marriages also are a vital source of income for sheikhs and monks, and allowing
none religious services would deprive them of sales. And divorces are
beneficial too, and among Christians, they could value tens of lots of dollars.


And others think that sectarianism is the best
institution in Lebanon, and any strive toward secularization might mean the
erosion of the complete system. On the other hand, civil marriage has such a
lot of benefits, and the sooner it’s miles allowed and normal in Lebanon, the
better for the coexistence and integration of the Lebanese society. We ought to
accept as true with in civil marriage organization and help it because: It’s
the first step toward a modern country because it highlights its role and its
relation with the residents. In addition, it is a main step reinforcing the
conversation throughout religions, building one not unusual Lebanon identity
and a success melting pot. We have to agree with that a unified device of civic
proper should be applied to each Lebanese citizen irrespective of his/her race,
gender and faith. Consequently Lebanese couples have to have the right to get
married with out stressful about their race, religions and beliefs. In any
case, faith is some thing private. in which is the problem if two humans love
every other and greater than that admire every different’s faith and need to
get married? Why does one among them want to transform? In addition, usually
girls are obliged to transform. Moreover, civil marriage is a right for
non-spiritual those who wish now not to marry in any of the non-secular
institutions. If they may be not spiritual, why do they should get married in
an institution they do not trust in? Genuinely freedom of perception, Decree
and thought are critical in step with the commonplace assertion of Human
rights, articles 18, 19, 20. In addition, eventually we ought to believe that
women and men are equal and have to enjoy the equal social and affordable
rights. Civil marriage encourages equality among genders on many tiers such as
marital rights, inheritance, and divorce and baby custody as compared to most non-secular
marriages that prefer fathers.

civil marriage in Lebanon is a main step toward
boost interreligious discussion. It helps build one Lebanese identity, which,
in turn, will lead to a successful and healthy melting pot. And the one very
important political decision consistent with this objective was taken as late
as the mid 1990’s.It was decreed that the religious denominations on identity
cards be banned. This was the only successful of several failed attempts since
the 1950’s to legalize civil marriage in Lebanon. However, they always had the
upper hand – probably were more vocal and more powerful.Their source of power
could be either due to their formal placment or to their leadership capabilities. 


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