May face some costs in setting up specific peace stations and also costs associated with training to increase the experience of workers in this field and thus increase the speed of work of the workers and therefore the benefits will exceed these initial costs. And finally when the workers are well trained) to increase the speed of their work and thus have the disposal of waste and become more competitive and become more profitable.2- At what stage, and how, should Dean sell his idea to the Joinery Manager and the workers?Mr. Hammond should sell this idea to the carpenter manager in the second stage, the point that gives orders and is scheduled to be allocated to the workers. This is where the biggest effect can be in terms of production time.

 This idea can be sold to internal stakeholders such as carpenter manager and production personnel by focusing on efficiency benefits. Each worker will be more productive and more able to produce work within the estimated time limits. There will also be less time and less effort. Thus, the company can become more flexible and profitable, providing a more financially secure place for internal stakeholders.

3- How different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery Department?Work outside of the cell would require separate joiners with the ability to complete other products such as doors and windows.4- Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce a cultural change?Distinct elements such as uniforms and painted machines can actually be an effective means of identifying different departments and processes. This can eliminate confusion and encourage publishers to stay within their work. However,Hammond must be careful for both inside and outside the cell staff do not feel marginalized in any way.

5-What risks are associated with Dean’s proposal?The establishment of a ladder cell and the additional training of inexperienced cell workers will cause costs of initial expenses.Internally, the company also faces the risk that switching to a cell system will not be well received by workers. Experienced workers can interact negatively and resign, leaving a knowledge gap that is difficult to replace.

Mobility can be allowed by allowing workers to participate, if necessary, using modest monetary incentives.


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