Mehmed the pope decided he wanted to take

Mehmed the ii was a ruler or sultan of the Ottoman empire. Or he was also known as “Mehmet the Conqueror”. Some of his main accomplishments are that he was a great military leader. He also helped Ottoman to gain control of other territories. Some of the territories he conquered were Anatolia and Balkans.Mehmet was born on March 30 of the year 1432. Mehmet started ruling the throne of Edirne from August 1444 to 1446. Mehmet was only 12 years old when he started ruling the throne. Because Mehmet was so young the pope decided he wanted to take advantage of the child. The pope started a medieval military exposition. This is also known as a crusade. Mehmets father at that time was retired but he returned to Bursa to take care of the empire and the military again. On February 18, of 1451 Mehmed’s father died, leaving him to rule Edirne again. This time he was older and had more experience and knowledge to do a better job. One of his accomplishments was that he built a fortress, and asked other countries for weapons that the Europeans didn’t even know about. When they finally conquered Mesopotamia their leader was executed and Mehmets father in law became their new leader. “Hagia Sophia” was an orthodox church but after the conquer of Mesopotamia, Mehmed decided to turn it into a mosque also known as a Muslim worshiping place.Mehmet suffered from gout which is a disease that affects metabolism and bones on the feet, this disease is also very painful. So Mehmet died on May 3 of 1481 from this disease while trying to do a campaign in Anatolia. Mehmet had people hang frescoes at the mosque that he built. He was also a good ruler, he seems like he would do anything for the Ottoman empire. Mehmet was also interested in many subjects including literature, fine arts, monumental architecture, philosophy, and science. He was a very smart man and he even knew how to speak seven languages. Muslims were allowed to have many wives at his time so some of their names were; Gulbahar Hatun, Gulshah Hatun, Sitti Mukrime Hatun, Cicek Hatun, Helena Hatun, Anna Hatun, Alexias Hatun. Mehmet also had 3 sons and his favorite one was cem. And he had one daughter Gevrehan Sultana.