Michigan weeks since the first day. My plan

Michigan State University recognizes that an assortment of interests, viewpoints, and life experiences are important in student learning and enhance the university community. Describe an experience, passion, or characteristic that illustrates what you would contribute to the MSU community and how this will add to the overall richness of campus life. 



I remember the day when I landed for first time in The United States, three and a half years ago. Only a week after I enrolled in high school, in my sophomore year.  I remember having almost all my classes as ESL classes. I Mumbled trying say basic English words. It was a dark experience since it sent me back to first grade in elementary school. I decided that I was not going to settle on this situation and I had to change quickly. I was motivated and rich in passion for learning, planning to get with the honors students as soon as I could.

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The first grade feeling, began to erase from my brain in just six weeks since the first day. My plan was, first, to get along with others then try to compete with honors students. I begged to get out from ESL classes and I succeeded. I exposed myself to new challenges and fears. Complex ideas became scrambled in my head as I struggled to understand not just the English words, but also the concepts, since the subjects were dissimilar and the approach to them was different. I took myself to the higher level of Advance Placements and honors classes. I completed high school with AP Biology and AP Government. I discovered that I was not only capable of keeping up with honors students, but also stepping ahead of some of them. I made the passion for learning the driving force in my life, setting the school as new realm for me. 

         This experience taught me to remove any barriers to success and exposed myself to new challenges. I brought myself from an ESL student to a high academic college-level student in short period. I have confidence that the abilities I learned from my experience well prepared me for Michigan States University. I believe your university will expand my opportunities in the passion for learning. I would especially like to participate in MSU’s research activity, I am very interested in furthering my studies in Biochemistry. I would make the already rich university campus richer with my diverse background, and I would emphasize the positivity of learning all through the MSU community.