Mike Kaufmann is chieffinancial officer of Cardinal Health.

He has a primary responsibility for allof the financial activities of Cardinal Health, including external reporting,investor relations, tax strategy/planning, and capital deployment.  He leads the women’s networking group atCardinal Health because he says that men need to be interested in change. He encouragedmen to be part of the women’s networking group. For Cardinal Health, earning a spot onthe NAFE top company list for executive women for five consecutive years is areflection of the company’s focus on maintaining a diverse and inclusiveworkplace. Catalyst’s initiative forunderstanding women’s challenges in the workplace has educated some male middleand top managers to be more considerate of a woman’s obstacles.

 To understand the “unconscious bias” thatinfluence important workplace decisions. We live in a male dominant society somany times women are overlooked. Many times male dominant jobs may feel that maleemployees can work late hours because females most of the time has to meetfamily needs. So, now that we live in a different age and time male managersnow have learned to expand women’s prospects by creating partnerships betweenmen and women. Racial and gender diversity wereboth found to contribute positively to sales, customers and profits.

Racialdiversity positively influences market share, although the impact of gender onmarket share was not significant. Companies will increase their creativeness byreassuring diverse attitudes and viewpoints. Corporation recruiters can alsowiden the talent pool if they recruit employees based on qualifications andexperience. My reason for saying that is most of the time; jobs limit theirsearch based on their preference for a certain race, gender, or age.

Though employing a diverseworkforce has many advantages, it has its disadvantages as well. A corporationthat employs a diverse workforce has to produce a culture that encouragesdignity and respect. Most of the time if employees’ first language is notEnglish communication may be adversely affected. Occasionally, existingemployees may leave the organization if their personal prejudices prevent themfrom working with colleagues from a different background.


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