Motivation Foundation-Scholarship provides a chance for students who

Motivation Letter




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of all, it would be an honor for me to introduce myself. I am a self-motivated
individual born and raised in a lower-class family from a remote village of
Sindh, who has recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
from Preston University financed by some distinguished philanthropic
personalities. Formerly, I have worked as an IT Instructor in one of the
leading reputable vocational training institutes for more than one and a half
year. Currently, I have been pursuing my passion for developing web/app
applications by working on freelance projects.


in Computer Science will open doorways for me to collaborate with international
students to share knowledge and ideas to broaden horizons of innovative minds.
It will provide a platform to learn the interaction and modeling skills
required to solve IT tasks in all the main areas of application. Furthermore,
it will create a solid theoretical and practical grounding for me to pursue
doctoral studies.


personally believe every single person on mother earth has born with a distinct
purpose to contribute his part of social, moral and ethical responsibility
regardless of his individuality. Likewise, I am expecting to become a source of
great contribution to the society by training individuals and by resolving
over-growing IT problems.


strongly believe that my academic background, professional skills, and
employment history form a solid basis for claiming my candidacy for the
scholarship. Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in this
field and Tempus Public Foundation-Scholarship will provide me with an
opportunity to be someone who will be remembered for his contribution for ages.


Public Foundation-Scholarship provides a chance for students who are struggling
to become the exception and succeed.  I
hope to become one of those aspirants and it is with great honor and
appreciation that I submit this application for your consideration.