Much of my enthusiasm in thefield of Environmental Engineering stems from the fact that it surrounds my lifeall the time.

I believe that the sustainability of a healthy environmentalecosystem is critical for survival of our universe.  Whether it is socially, economically orpolitically, the significance of environment cannot be neglected as it alwaysaffects our society from all the aspects. My interest in the natural environment began while I was studyingScience at secondary school. I was extremely interested in the environmental componentsin my course such as energy transfer and food chains. After completing myhigher school studies, I was sure of taking studies which will further reinforcemy interest and knowledge in the environmental domain by establishing therelation between scientific and engineering principles and their practicalapplication in the real world.This drives me to take civil engineeringcourses during my undergraduate studies in hopes of making a difference infuture.

This gave me a chance to get familiarized with various environmentalissues which a civil engineer can handle in order to develop a sustainable environmentfor the welfare of mankind. It is a privilege for me that I always stood amongthe top students of my university.As a part of my quest forknowledge and to understand what working on real problems really looks like, I devotedmore than 3 years to a multinational engineering consultancy firm after my graduation.This job helped me to advance my ability to extract the crucialinformation out of extensive administrative documents and law texts and tomanage my time carefully. I enjoyeddoing all the tasks assigned to me by various professionals. Despite of being challenging,this job was rewarding as well because it helped me to develop my ability toexplain things in a clear manner.As I belongs to Pakistan andbeing a citizen of a developing country, concerns regarding provision of basic sanitationsystem along with personal hygiene and safe drinking water has always kept myattention. In my country, most of the people don’t have access to safe drinkingwater and only 42% of the total population can avail sanitation facilities.

Theses statists show that this area is still the most challenging developmentalsector. Only a small part of the waste water collected through these systemsare properly treated before its disposal as a result a large amount ofuncontrolled and un treated wastes from various sources gets discharged intothe main water streams which leads to polluting the ecosystem and generatesmany waterborne diseases. I believe that pursuing this subject will enable meto develop an understanding of the wider significance of such issues.

It willalso provide me an opportunity to findout new ways for helping developing countries to reduce water borne diseasesand air pollution for health and environmental benefits. Studying at ImperialCollege London was always a dream for me and I am deeply fascinated with thecourses offered by the University for Masters in Environmental Engineering andBusiness Management. I appreciate that the courses not only focuses on theclear logic but it also integrate advanced engineering into the environmental analysesand its practical application. ­In my spare time, I enjoy solving puzzles, reading books and cooking. Ialways been a very enthusiastic, hardworking and self-motivated person which inmy opinion are considered to be the key driving factors for my academicachievement. I am an exceptional team worker and I am always punctual with deadlines for tasks and assignments.

Ibelieve that this course will significantly affect my future prospect ofworking to improve and transform our environment for the better. I also believethat this pathway will help my ambition of discovering a potentiallyrevolutionary renewable energy for global use for an environmentallysustainable future.  


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