Multimedia Computing and Communication:Before 1990’s computers were controlled by using a hard difficult to understand interface called CLI (Command Line Interface). They were operated using specific lines of codes which informed the computer to do specific task. It was very hectic and complicated for a normal person to use. After the emergence of personal computers in the 1980’s the major problem was the understandability of people with computers. In the 1990’s the challenge was to make them more easy to use that is to personalize them more.

Thus the idea of using multimedia emerged for this task. Multimedia is the use of multiple types of mode of communication combined together with each other. Thus the multimedia was the integration of graphics, animation, videos, text, sound and computing. This plain idea had a significant impact on the way computers were used.

It gave people more understandability of how to use computers for their personal use. It offered them a better control over performing its multiple tasks. Multimedia also resulted in the immense increase in the sales of PCs as it attracted more market towards it and started penetrating in the home market.Frequently multimedia became a main and effective source of communication with computer. The mode of this communication was by using a graphical approach called graphical user interface (GUI). It allowed the interaction of users with computers through multimedia i.

e. through the help of graphics, animation, videos, text and sound. GUI through multimedia gave users many advantages some of which are as follows:Ease: As GUI was more straightforward than CLI it was easy to understand and use by the customers and the clients. Control: AS GUI was friendlier to use than CLI and it also gave its users access to many files and features to many files and the operating system itself thus it gave users more control over it.Multitasking: GUI enabled its users to toggle through many windows and tasks and to run them at the same time.Strain: By using the resources of mouse and shortcut keys through keyboard it gave users the ease of movement thus reducing the strain.Multimedia communication received a major attention by the introduction of World Wide Web. Presently multimedia is ruling in the sources and modes of communication.

It is more appealing and friendly for the users. It also increases their understandability of data. It is faster and more efficient than CLI interface. By the time this technique has become very vast. Its application has expanded over education, advertisement, entertainment, medicine etc. 


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