Music Education “Music is the universal language of all mankind (LongFellow)”. Majoring in music education has a wide variety of jobs and careers.

These jobs range from being a music teacher, to being a worship pastor. Even though music education doesn’t make an amazing pay, I want to pursue this major because music can minister to anyone, and also speak to people without saying one word. When becoming a music teacher there are some skills you have to have.

As in being specializing in any instruments or music (Music Teacher). You also have to be skilled in working with kids. Having patience, empathy, and positive outlook will also help you be successful in being a music teacher(Study.

com).Being a music teacher has a lot of different kind of advantages. One of the biggest advantages of this career is getting to build a relationship with kids of all ages. In doing this, I get to teach what I love and what I am passionate about. Also, in music education you can have fun with the kids as well. You also get to control how you teach your class and how hands on the class is. In addition, music is always changing and you never have to teach the same thing twice. More importantly, you get to teach what you love to other kids who are yearning to learn as well.

 Even with the advantages there are some disadvantages.  Most the time kids don’t take music for longer than a couple of years. This could be difficult to keep your clientele built up. Moreover, working with kids can be challenging because of all the different levels having to be taught at the same time (

Also, you are sometimes working  10 hours plus, on a seven day a week ratio. Furthermore,teachers are often portrayed negatively and blamed for the educational status of the country. Also,you sometimes have to deal with demanding parents who won’t be attentive to what you are saying, which can be stressful (MusicTeacher). Even with all these disadvantages, I am still doing what you love and what I am passionate about. Your salary depends on a lot of factors.

The salary for this career will vary from where you are located. In Oklahoma, the highest paying job for this career is $71,000 and the lowest paying job in this career is around $31,000. In Arkansas, you can get a salary as high as $92,000 and this pay could go as low as $32,000 a year.

In Kansas, your salary can start out at $32,000 but go up to as high as $100,000. An Hourly rate of salary would be around $17 an hour for an average music teacher ( The hours you actually have to work are amazing! In this job, you work normal hours during the week and also you get holidays off, weekends off, and you get summers off, just as if you were still in highschool. Also, you get the luxury of getting paid every month, even when you aren’t working.

Some qualities that are a necessity for this career are, you need to be fun, energetic, and also upbeat. In addition, you need to be musically inclined, and be able to break the music down into small steps to teach younger kids who are having trouble learning. You also need to be able to handle extreme amounts of noise throughout your day (EducationLife). Additionally, you get vocal noises coming from children ranging  from laughing, to them just singing their parts to get a better understanding of their music. Your outlook on this job always needs to be positive and also be able to help kids grow in music and learning with what kind of learning fits the children best.

Your classroom will be filled with chairs, instruments, music stands, music, and kids ready to learn. You need to stress the importance of sight-reading to ensure they leave the class with the ability to apply it ( Going into this field will help me continue my love for music and spread it to other people too.  You will also have normal teacher duties such as recess and participating in  weekly student assembly.

In this career, you mostly have to have a bachelor’s degree as well as a teaching certification in order to teach music. Most people complete a bachelor’s in music and then a master’s in education for the best job confirmation. You can find teaching certification requirements for different areas online. Teachers are often required to continue to take other class certification courses throughout their career.

I want to be a music teacher because when people are younger they are usually into barbies, firefighters, or action figures but for me, it’s always been music. The feel of a mallet in my hand, the texture of a guitar string under my finger, and everyone has their addictions but mine is music. I want to take my passion for music and the gifts God gave me and spread it with others that have the same passion and drive that I have to be a musician. Hopefully, I will be able to share my love, not only with students but one day I hope to open a center for everyone of any age, race, and social status to come in and learn a little bit of something beautiful that I call music. Music can make a positive change in anyone’s life at any moment.

As you can see, being a music teacher has a range of things you can do. Also, this has a range of places you can go with this career.  Furthermore, this job is great for spreading my love for music to younger generation. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but music is what I love to do, and what I desire to do as well.

Even though music education doesn’t make an amazing pay, I want to pursue this major because music can minister to anyone, and also speak to people without saying one word.


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