MY STORY  Today I am a balanced person who has learned how important it is to care for one’s own psyche and the body. For me, there is nothing better than to start the day with vitality and optimism.  This was not always the case. But that was not always the case.    In 1994 I was born in Sursee. My parents raised me warmly and patiently and so I grew up happy. My father was already a successful martial artist at that time and took me on my request as a 6 year old with the training. Although I was pretty good, I turned away from this sport as I grew older and spent my spare time doing everyday things that kids do.   After completing compulsory education, I started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser and taught what it means to make money. In the following time, I discovered the nightlife and celebrated weekly generous parties and often consumed luxury foods such as alcohol and cigarettes. However, there was not much room left in my spare time for sports.  In those 3 years, I was quite unconscious of what makes a healthy lifestyle.   So I ate very poorly, claimed my body exclusively through the work in teaching, as well as the parties and the consumption of alcohol.  This was shown exclusively by my physical condition and my very slight, weak appearance. Often I was dissatisfied with myself and doubted in my person. This was quicker to recognize than I liked. Due to my insecurity, I came to a kind of ‘eating disorder’, in which I was getting thinner and thinner. My lowest weight was 39 kg on a size of 165 cm.   Even after successfully completing my apprenticeship, not much changed in my life style, because I was still not really aware of my situation.  The will for a stronger look was there, but it lacked a certain ‘know how’ ‘, as well as the necessary motivation boost and the right plan.  This should change!   At the age of 19 I met by chance acquaintances with my former partner, who already had 10 years of training experience. He immediately recognized my potential and explained to me that every goal is achievable if the will is strong enough and the necessary knowledge is available. He drove me to my limits and quickly I saw some changes to my body. The legs became firmer, the six-pack came more and more to light. In short: So my fire was kindled to this sport and nobody could ever stop me again.


I'm Katy!

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