My name is Michael J. Brown, the year is 1960 and Im a 45 year old black man living in Chicago IL. around this time being  a black man, or even black in general was just a struggle. I walk the streets everyday hoping I make it home to my wife and kids after working like a slave to the white man each day.

I always thought life could get better for me and my family and I pray to god each day something great comes our way, but only god will know the answer to my questions. We just moved into this new area in Illinois, Logan Square, I wanted my two girls to feel safe in this world, because last time our home was burned down, and it seemed to be the best location for the KKK to lynch us negros, and I wasn’t going to have that anymore, me and my wife and kids moved to a peaceful town where they wouldn’t have to be scared anymore. The very next day, my wife and I help my two girls get ready for school, “Daddy, I don’t want to go to school today”. Kimberly said, the older of the two girls.

” well you have to, I want you to be better than what those white folk make you out to be”. ” don’t let them change who you are” I said. I hug my two daughters and give my wife a kiss on the cheek as I head off to work. And as I am on my way I overhear a commotion. Of two white men in suits, one man yelled “hey you” I just kept walking minding my own business”hey Nigger, I’m talking to you”.

I walked faster and faster hoping they wouldn’t catch up to me. Then they stop me in my tracks. “I know you heard me nigger” he  stated. Where do you think your going. “I’m going to work Sir.” I said  “and where would that be boy”, “the factory sir”, I said.

“You better get going then dont want something else to happen to you boy”. They forcibly push me along and I get on my bus. As I step on the bus and slowly walk to the back, an elderly white man with a straggly grey beard trips me. I hit the ground hard slowly picking myself up, and look back at the man  “Watch where you’re going Nigger”. “just ignore them”, said a white, woman possibly his wife, and I walk to an empty seat where the colored sign hangs above my head.

About half an hour later I was the only colored person left on the bus and my stop was just around the corner. The same white man who happen to be still be on the bus yells out “hey, where’s your stop, Nigger town”. His wife smacks him,  and tells him to leave me alone.I finally reach my stop, as the door opens to let me off the bus I take a deep breath and stride to the front doors of the factory. I punch my ticket in and start my day.

Typical day for me I suppose, or any colored person anyway, but this is just the beginning to my story.


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