My contributionin regards to my career is that I give most of my knowledge, best of myexperience, and exchange views of how I can help in improving areas of interestrelated to my job function.

Communication and meeting deadlines are two areasof strength that I contribute and have benefit my company most. In my previousjob I have also managed teams and projects and I’ve utilized myskills/experienced and knowledge and share them with my team members.My contributionto society is encouragement to others, having compassion for self and others. Ipractice kindness on a daily basis. I contribute by volunteering my time. It isimportant to give back whenever possible. I believe it is more heartfelt whenpeople can put a face to a name.

Yes, giving monetary gift is fantastic, but tome it is all about the connection. By improving my social skills is also a wayof contributing, being an active listener, friendly and polite can do a lot forthe community. Ethel Percy Andrus said “The human contribution is the essentialingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.”My values arehonesty, hard work, wealth, fairness, determination, family happiness, respectand loyalty just to name a few. Often times I ask myself where do I belong?Growing up I was guided into a direction by my parents, I complied with theirdirection, but still I was not fulfilled.

I did for others more than I did formyself thinking I would find happiness, but that was not the outcome. I foundmyself praying to God to guide my footsteps as I embarked on the path he wantedfor me. My life finally started to brighten up when I realized I belong to me andI’m connected with people who positively influenced my life. I alwaysprioritize to ensure I meet deadlines.

  Ifnot, I will allocate the task to someone else. I am extremely dependable; I rarelymissed work and am known to help team members whenever they need help. I’malways on top of my projects because of my organizational skills and efficiency;I am able to multitask with success. I like to work independently, but I alsoenjoy working with my team members.

I believe we all bring something to thetable, so their input is always welcomed.My notedstrengths are that I always demonstrate a positive attitude. I am accountable,honest, empathetic, culturally mindful and patient. I am very good with numeralcalculations. I am a critical thinker and solution focused driven. I believeyou must always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Beingintrospective and self-aware are important characteristics for managers becausethey are essential components. Managers must maintain a level of composer whenworking with staff and serving customers. Introspective gives one a clear pictureof their current role as a leader and how one will need to improve in thefuture.

In order to become an effective manager requires a great deal of self- awareness.Managers will be able to better understand themselves, the origins of theirdecisions and the problems that affect their judgements. With self-awarenessmanagers will be able to be more confident in the ability to improve decisionmaking skills. In addition self-awareness helps managers collectively work efficientlywith employees and the community they are serving.

Self-awareness helpsmanagers identify gaps in their management skills, and discover area ofweakness that needs improvement. It improves leadership skills and help to makethe right decisions.


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