My decision to apply for a degree course in Accounting came from loving numbers from a very young age. I enjoy administrative work, numerical exercises and opportunities to work with others as part of a team as I feel I have developed my teamwork skills throughout the past few years. I am confident that these strengths and transferable skills will be developed in a degree course, and will be useful in my subsequent career in the future. Currently I am studying a BTEC Qualification in Level 3 Business specialising in the Finance pathway. In this course I will be studying units such as Recording Financial Transactions, Financial Statements for a specific business and Cost Management and Management Accounting which are units that I would like to study in University. Amongst these things this course has taught me different types of concepts that would relate to the business world, for example, the different methods of banking. I am methodical with work, as i apply logic and reasoning to ensure the results are accurate. I want to develop these skills, as I believe they are important for studying Accounting. I am looking forward to meeting new people that are also interested in Finance, Accounting. I wish to gain a good understanding of accounting within the context of business and management. The Accounting course appeals to me as they have units that I would like to study. For example, Professional Competencies, Financial Accounting Fundamentals and Retail operations. I have many academic skills such as working to deadlines, doing research, time management and working in a team. I have presented these skills in my first year of college where I had to work to deadlines to ensure that my assignments were finished on time as well as having to collect research for my marketing unit and organising a charity event where I had to act as a leader and be part of a team. Over the past few years I have had experience in a school, hospital, a charity shop and I am currently doing work experience with Strive Development where I send out tweets every week based on what is going on in the business. We have meetings every month to discuss what events have taken place and what events are going to take place and I send out tweets based on them.I am also planning on enrolling on a part-time job to do with accounting alongside my studies which will help me improve my communication skills and my team work skills as they are very important for my subsequent career. I have many hobbies outside college one of which is reading. Reading helps with problem solving which could help me when I am working in a team as it will make it easier for me to solve any problems that could occur. Reading is also known as a stress relied which will help me focus on my course and not get stressed easily. I feel that university is an excellent opportunity for me to further my learning in a challenging environment therefore I am applying for a course to do with Accounting as this will enable me to acquire the skills required to understand the business world and help me with my subsequent career. I am looking forward to being challenged in University, and I am confident that I have the qualities and academic motivation to make a success of it. 


I'm Katy!

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