My main objective is to gain a greater understanding of leadership styles and to understand their impact on organizations and individuals. I aim to get a new perspective on some of the main challenges I face, as I do believe that we are programmed to think and use our pre-saved experience to face our challenges in the same way over and over again. Meeting new professional people, being exposed to new ideas, different perspectives, multi-style leaders and having access to professional materials and a new network will positively stimulate my thinking and develop my leadership style in innovative and creative ways. I am very ambitious and by attending this course, I intend to evolve both personally and professionally. In the last 2 years and after returning to Saudi Arabia in 2016, I had a deep learning experience about who I am and how I want to be.

  I discovered that I am someone who is inspired about thinking of myself as a “Pioneer”.  As our country goes through a transitional stage toward the new Saudi Arabia, we face a lot of challenges in introducing the needed changes. I want to be part of this organizational transformation and change. At this stage, I really want to assess my leadership ability and put myself in a prime position for my next professional move. This course will allow me to polish my skills, target my goals, and identify a clear path for success.  As Harvard Business School is a leading management and business School, I can’t think of a better place to do this. 


I'm Katy!

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