My of hard work by the doctors and

My mother
is a teacher.  She belongs to a very strong
union that advocates for teachers and the well-being of the education system.  The Union allows my mother to have a voice in educational
debates, and topics that she feel strongly about.  Belonging to the union gives
influence when bargaining for contracts and labor negotiations.  The freedom of
workers to come together as a union and negotiate with employers is a vital
human right.


The Union provides many resources for my family to take advantage
of.  The Teachers Union offers financial and legal services to
its members. They offer Insurance benefits such as life, auto, home, medical
& dental. My
family has been very fortunate to have great family health care benefits from
my mother and father.  These benefits
allow us to see any doctor of our choosing. 
I had a major hand injury. I needed surgery and a lot of rehab.  My parents didn’t have to worry about the cost
or if we could see the best doctors due to the negotiations of the union and
understanding the importance of affordable good health care.   I could have lost movement in my hand and
fingers but we found excellent specialists and with a lot of hard work by the
doctors and myself I almost have full movement back in my hand.

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Years ago,
my mother was placed on bed rest while pregnant. She was not only able to take
two months off due to the doctor placing her on bed rest, she took the rest of
the school year off for maternity leave and still had a job to return to thanks
to the union negotiating for maternity leave. 


teacher’s union also provides discount opportunities for shopping and travel.

My family takes full advantage of these discounts. Belonging to three travel soccer teams, my
family and I travel all over the United States for tournaments.  We take full advantage of the discounts
offered to union members for hotel and car rentals.  My parents use HEAT USA which is a company
that provides discounted oil and service contracts to Union members.  These are just some of the benefits they take
advantage of. 


actively seek to improve the standard of living for all workers.