Myfavorite band is the Newsboys.

They are a Christian band, they have been aroundfor a long time, but they have changed. This essay is about the first Newsboys,and how they have evolved over time.             The band was found by Peter Furler and GeorgePerdikisin 1985 in Australia. So, after they started the band two other membershad joined John James and Sean Taylor. At first, they wanted to name the band The News. The would have had conflict withthe US- based band Huey Lewis and theNews if they would have keep the name as The News, so they changed the name to the Newsboys.

They weresigned with Refuge Communication in 1987, and moved to the U.S. After theymoved to the U.S.

they released their first album called Read All About It in 1988.            The band did not gain notice in theChristian music until 1992, when they released their album Not Ashamed. Then a singer-songwriter and producer, named SteveTaylor, started a partnership with them. He then started writing most of thelyrics for their songs. However, Peter stayed as the band’s primary songwriter. He did start to share lead vocalist with James, which he continued to doso until James left the band. The band was continuously changing. They even addtwo new members, Jody Davis and Duncan Phillips.

  Their first real success was their fifthalbum titled Going Public. It alsohelped them win the 1995 Dove Award for “Rock Album of the Year.”  The also won a Dove award for “Rock RecordedSong of the Year,” for their song “Shine” in 1995.

In 1996, Phil Joel and JeffFrankenstein joined their band. In late 1997, James left the band. That waswhen Furler moved from drums to vocals. Then Duncan Phillips became thedrummer.            In 2000, they went on tourheadlining the CCM concert. They then released a new album Shine: The Hits. They did not release anything else until 2002 withtheir album Thrive. Which, was theirbiggest hit up to that point.

They did the track for the end of the move Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. In 2003,Davis was replaced by Bryan Olsen. Olsen then left in 2005 and was replaced byPaul Colman. In December of 2006, Joel left the band.  In 2008, they did a song called Yo Ho Hero for The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggietales Movie. January 5,2009, Colman left the band, while Davis returned to the band. Michael Tait, nowlead singer, announced he would be joining the band on March 9, 2009. All thistime Furler only made guest appearances, but on September 11, he said that thatwould be his last guest appearance with the band.

            One their many successes is God’s Not Dead, which is personally myfavorite, was released November 15, 2011. Then in 2012, they released a newsong for VeggieTales, both named The League of Incredible Vegetables. Thethen appeared in a movie and its sequel based off the song God’s Not Dead. They then went on a tour called “We Believe Tour.”They did this in 2014 and again this year.            So, as you can see the Newsboys havebeen through a lot of changes.

They have released many great hits, which theyput all their hits up until 2007 in a compilation called The Greatest Hits. They have also done many songs for movies,especially VeggieTales Movies. They have even appeared in a couple moviesthemselves. Though, no matter how much they changed they have always beenfaithful to God.

So, if they can go through this much change and still remainfaithful to God, then so can I. Even tough, they may be very different now fromwhen they began, they are still (in my opinion) one of the greatest bandsaround.            While writing this paper I found outmany things about my favorite band that I didn’t know before. For example, Ididn’t know that they were originally from Australia. Another example, is thatthey went through that many members to become the band that they are today.

(The band that I know as my favorite band.) I had not known their first ideafor the band name was The News andnot the Newsboys. So, I learn a lotfrom writing this paper. (I found all my information at So, what before reading thispaper, have you ever heard of the Newsboys?


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