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My dreams and expectations have always revolved around creative art. As a child I was in constant search of outlets that allowed me to express my artistic abilities. This led from painting on the walls of my childhood home to winning artistic achievement awards at school. New York City was the perfect setting for constant inspiration. I am incredibly grateful that I was able to grow up in its rich diversity and culture that provided a steady stream of inspiration for my creative expression. I feel that in attending The Fashion Institute of Technology would further fuel my passion, while its incredible curriculum would help me achieve my goal of a career in communication design.I was accepted to the High School of Graphic Communication Arts where I fell in love with the world of graphic art design. During my junior year my instructor entrusted me with the role of sketch and graphic designer for my class. This allowed me hone my artistic ability by creating ads and brochures for fund-raisers. I was also tasked with creating a logo for student fashion designers where I earned an award of excellence for best logo and t-shirt design. During this time I was the CEO of a student company called “The Elite” which promoted the artistic talents of our peers. In this role I edited music videos and created flyers to promote our team members talents. I excelled in this role and received the Top Artist Award, won by votes from both students and faculty. My experiences at GCA solidified my career goals and intensified my passion for a creative career.After I graduated High school there was an unfortunate family tragedy that resulted in having to put my continuing education on temporary hold. Despite the setback I continued to focus on my art by doing freelance work as often as possible. My circumstances motivated me further and reinforced my future career plans. By building my brand I was able to gain more experience in graphic and art design. I have been an advocate of continuous improvement; I have continuously sought more challenging assignments offering increased responsibility and the opportunity to gain additional expertise in my field. I am motivated and excited at the prospect of continuing my education and majoring in communication design as an FIT graduate student. I know that in receiving my associate’s in FIT will lead me to the highest level of success in the work field, as I would like to achieve a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.Along with its strong communication design curriculum, the courses on cinema history and film included in the general election requirements are of my particular interest. Cinema is another aspect of the arts I thoroughly enjoy. One of my favorite past times is watching both classic and current movies where I find a lot of inspiration in a variety of films across many genres. One of my favorite directors is Quentin Tarantino. His unique and mesmerizing style serves as an inspiration in my own art. Having the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of art will not only broaden my experience but would introduce me to other fields I can use in future endeavors.Goals and standards are what we make and set daily and attending this prestigious school is the first step in achieving my long-term goals. My commitment to The Fashion Institute of Technology program will be undeniable. I will follow through from start to finish, overcoming every obstacle while learning from the experience. Understanding that there will be many more challenges, I am a flexible and adaptable person who can achieve any endeavor and overcome any obstacle to completion. I look forward in being a part of my dream school, and achieving  my goals and aspirations with the Fashion Institute of Technology.