Natural disasters are the epitome of epic world destruction. The aftermath of earthquakes makes it rather difficult to keep an environment clean and water filtered. “During an emergency, water supplies are often contaminated and disrupted, sometimes for an extended period of time” (Meder). Many innocent lives are put at risk by the simple fact that some human beings in certain parts of the world do not have access to a safe supply of drinking water. In addition to natural disasters affecting society by contaminating and spreading viruses and bacteria through it, they tend to increase the number of power outages which occur. There is a drinking water service with safe managed service, basic water service and limited service. Natural Disasters’ effect on water in various ways.

Having water treatment systems shut down also causes harm because the pipes are not sending healthy water. “The Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Disaster demonstrates that water can also become severely contaminated with other types of contaminants, including salt water, toxic metals, or even radioactive contaminants.” (Meder). This is causing humans to not have access to water because hurricanes and tsunamis have cause surges of salt water. “A good water treatment solution should offer a broad protection against the full range of possible contaminants.” (Meder).

In order to have ability to healthy water there will have to be offers a broad protection against the full range of outcomes that can occur. Buildings, roads, and power supplies are mostly always damaged after the disaster. In case of a more harmful disaster there may even be even worse accidents harming people because of all the chemicals the trucks carry on the roads and can be toxic. All the bacteria that buildings hold and the pollution outside all coming together caused water to become less safe.

“Pipelines can rupture. Chemical tanker trucks can crash. Railroad tanker cars can derail. Storage tanks of pesticides or gasoline or other chemicals can fail”(Meder).

There are many incidents that can occur while a earthquake or hurricane is happening and water can turn severely unsafe in within seconds. There has been a lot of soils and dirty water leaking into the lines making everything worse in society. “Flooding can cause human and animal waste to contaminate water supplies with dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses”(Meder).

Flooding have caused trashed water system and has provided society a harder way to stay clean. Down below there is a graph that shows 2015 worldwide access to drinking water. “Safely managed services, i.e.

accessible on premise, available when needed and free from contamination. Basic water service, i.e. improved sources within 30 minutes per round trip to collect water.

Limited service where water collection from an improved source exceeded 30 minutes.” (unicef) Natural Disasters, including floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis have disrupt and contaminate water supplies in several ways. “During a disaster, the infrastructure that protects us from harmful contaminants can be damaged. Power outages can cause water treatment systems to shut down, to contaminate water supplies with dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses” (Meder). As an example we have Puerto Rico never expecting any disaster traveling over and in just a blink hurricanes, and earthquakes are on go. Even leaving people at high risk of not having water and power!


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