Network 135, 260 can include any hardware/software/and firmware required to
transfer data encoded within carrier waves. Data can be contained within analog
or digital signals and conveyed through data or voice channels. Network 135,
260 can include local mechanisms and data pathways that can be used to communicate
and exchange information amongst the computing device’s components and between
integrated device components and with other devices. In addition, Network 135, 260 can include network
components, such as but limited to, routers, data lines, hubs, and intermediary
servers, which together form a data network, such as the Internet. Furthermore,
Network 135, 160 can have
circuit-based communication mechanisms and mobile communication components,
such as but not limited to, telephony switches, modems, cellular communications
towers, etc. Network 135, 260 can
include line based and/or wireless communication pathways. 


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