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Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is a Brazilian born football player playing for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in the French league. He is currently the most expensive player in the football world after a transfer fee of nearly three hundred million dollars took him from Barcelona Football Club to his current team. He is one of the world’s best in football. He started off by playing in the streets of Brazil, where his father saw potential in him and helped him take the game more seriously. He climbed the youth ranks of his local team and finally joined the first team. There is where he would get famous for his skillful nature and ability to take on multiple, more experienced players at a time. He is also well-known for his daring hairstyles and modern fashion choices. Nike collaborated with young players such as Neymar, Mario Balotelli, Mamadou Sakho and Javier Pastore on this ad because of their daring haircuts. The ad portrays them standing boldly and putting on rugged faces in the centre of the frame. On the left, there is a paragraph describing their personalities. Using pathos, the striking pose and the written words, the ad creates an urge for the viewer to stop being average and take some risks from time to time.

The ad campaign focuses mainly on Mario Balotelli as he is called up to take a seat in the barber’s chair. Asked by the Barber what he’d like Balotelli simply replies, “to be remembered.”  The barber then goes ahead and gives him bold haircuts resembling former football player hairstyles as he rejects all of them. He then decides to go with a Mohawk. As he leaves the barbershop, he bumps into Mamadou Sakho who tells him they will meet soon on the field. A Nike Barbershop App was created to enable viewers to copy their idols’ hairstyles by trying out ten famous football players iconic styles. Choosing from a wide range of styles such as the Neymar, the Welbeck and the Zlatan among others. The best submissions were then given the chance to visit one of the six Nike Barbershop locations.

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Nike decided to choose Neymar after he had an amazing season with his club. This meant that he had a new fan base with many Brazilian supporters and a massive influx of international football watchers. It is because of this that he was the perfect athlete to advertise Nike’s new Mercurial Vapor VIII. The Nike Mercurial Vapor series was meant for the fast player, with quick feet and an eye for goal. Neymar fit perfectly into this category. With the 2012 London Olympics Games and the UEFA European Championship drawing closer, this meant that all the Nike sponsored football players would wear the same colourway of the shoe.

The ad features a grey coloured wall which is very neutral and does not attract much attraction from the viewer. However, the picture frames in the background offer a pop of colour which is much needed to liven up the surrounding. Behind Neymar are some of his pictures. To his left is a picture of him wearing the Brazil men’s national team jersey with his fists clenched in the air and his mouth ajar depicting happiness. This could mean that they perhaps won a game or scored a goal. Moreover, he seems to be wearing the captain’s armband which shows leadership and experience. The picture framed to his right is slightly blurred, but the viewer can see part of his face. They chose to use pictures of him wearing the national jersey because Brazil was participating in the London Olympic Games. They specifically selected moments of him wearing that jersey and not his club’s jersey because Nike makes the national team’s jersey. Towards the bottom right-hand corner, the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII is carefully placed, without him standing near it. The picture has two different colours, one of them being white and the other being pink. These two colours are the brightest detail of the surrounding. It carefully draws the attention of the viewer without the shoe looking too well advertised. All of the other picture frames are only slightly visible, he is either standing in front of them or they are not fully captured in the picture. The product placement here is paramount because the shoe is clearly visible. The main product Nike wants to sell are the shoes.

Neymar is dressed in a navy-blue polo shirt and black trousers. Navy blue being a neutral fashion colour and the pair of trousers seem to blend in well with the grey background. Therefore, his clothes do not attract that much attention to the viewer. His hair has been dyed to brown and straightened to go give him that signature Neymar hairstyle. The ad carefully chose to dress him in plain clothes so that his hair can stand out even further.

The ad uses the phrase “Jekyll and Hyde” which comes from the novel Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde. It simply means a person of dual personality which alternates between good and evil. In this case, they are stating that to be like Neymar the viewer must have two different personality traits. The viewer should be inventive while being reckless. This style has some meaning behind it. Neymar is known for his creativity and brilliance on the field, while at the same moment he could be considered to be rash. Furthermore, at the end of the paragraph, it states “Make it yours” which makes his style look like it can be achieved easily.

The ad has used many tactics to conceal their brand while selling his brand and his personality. His dual character of being part genius and part madman inspires the viewer to attempt some calculated risks in life. The point of the whole campaign was to be adventurous and one of a kind. Nike is trying is to appeal to the viewers’ opinions by selling that their athletes are not average.