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No Stricter Gun LawsBy: Jaimaleih LoweFourth Period, 9th grade English I believe that gun laws do not to be stricter. People are killing people, guns don’t kill people. I do believe that if you should have a licence to use any type of gun. Guns are made to hunt animals, to give humans food to eat. Banning guns would solve absolutely nothing! Guns are not the problem. The handlers of the guns are the problem. In Australia there was a mass mall shooting. 32 people died. THey thought banning guns would be an honest a reasonable solution. They were wrong. Crime actually rose by 26%. As soon as they were brought back the crime rate dropped another 21%.      All criminals don’t even get their guns legal, so it’s an absolute joke to even think that gun control would stop that, or slow it down to even a fair amount. For citizens to own a gun allows for better defense against a criminal armed with a knife. While it is likely they will have a gun, if they do only have a knife on them, a law abiding citizen could protect their self with a gun, rather than a criminal with an illegal gun attacking a law lasting citizen who is only armed with a knife. Gun violence and attacks on citizens or stores will be far more common, considering criminals, knowing that the law lasting person’s home they’re robbing doesn’t have one as well, it’s basically an open door to more violence, and can we all acknowledge the fact that a gun has never killed anything? That’s fact, billions have killed others, but a gun has not ever killed anyone or anything. Gun control is an extremely dangerous thing, statistics show that, facts show that, and anyone who can think will know that. Humans are so bad at fixing things, often just making it worse. There shouldn’t be stronger gun laws, because people kill people. They just choose a gun to kill with. If you create stronger gun laws, more people will make a out brake, and witch will cause more damage, than what is going on with out stronger gun laws. These two people above give very good points on why not to have a stronger gun laws. In the second paragraph, they show how gun laws will make it worse than what it is right now. They also say how that guns are not the problem, that the handlers are the problem. They refer to the situation in Australia, how they made there gun laws stronger and they turned in to an out brake. This out brake made everything a lot harder than it had to be. In the third paragraph, they also show how stronger gun laws are not a good idea. They talk about how we (human) make every thing much more worse than what it needs to be. Of 62 mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and 2012, 49 of the shooters used legally obtained guns. Collectively, 143 guns were possessed by the killers with about 75% obtained legally. 69 John R. Lott, Jr., PhD, gun rights activist, stated, “The problem with such gun control laws is that they take away guns from law-abiding citizens, while would-be criminals ignore them.” 70 According to a Bureau of Justice Statistics May 2013 report, 37.4% of state prison inmates who “used, carried, or possessed a firearm when they committed the crime for which they were serving a prison sentence” obtained the gun from a family member or friend. 16 Despite Chicago’s ban on gun shops, shooting ranges, assault weapons, and high capacity magazines, in 2014 Chicago had 2,089 shooting victims including at least 390 murders. 71 72 73 Approximately 50,000 guns were recovered by police in Chicago between 2001 and Mar. 2012. The guns came from all 50 states, and more than half came from outside of Illinois. 74