Now that you are well equipped to make informed decisionsabout your choice of nail salon, I wish for you a rest, relaxation, and pretty piggy’s!5.     Diabetics must always be cautious aboutpedicures as many nail technicians aren’t educated about the disease process.Because diabetics can’t fight off infection as well as a non-diabetic, theirchances of getting an infection from a visit to the nail salon is much higher.A good portion of diabetics don’t have feeling to their feet and can developburns from the water and hot towels that are used. 4.

     Removing nail polish routinely rather thanleaving it on for months at a time allows for the nail to “breathe” andprevents the formation of nail fungus. Take your nail polish off a few daysbefore the next application.3.     Chances are if you’re going to the nail salon,you’re looking for cute, fresh polished nails. Unfortunately, your nails maynot be cute for long if you opt to go to a salon that doesn’t sterilize theirtools.

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Nail fungus can be transferred between clients and cause thick, yellownails with debris beneath the nail beds. The best way to avoid this is to besure that the tools are sterilized, or even better, go to a salon that requiresa onetime purchase of your own tools.2.

     Contrary to what most people believe looks best,the toenail should be cut straight across rather than rounded at the edges.Allowing for the edges to be trimmed back too far can result in ingrowntoenails as well as entry of bacteria to the nail bed causing infection.1.     Sure, we all want to save ourselves fromembarrassment and get rid of that stubble on our legs prior to our pedicure,but in all reality you may be causing yourself more harm by shaving the daybefore or day of the appointment.

Shaving can cause openings in the skin andhair follicles allowing for the entry of bacteria. This is not only painfulwhen they seemingly grind their exfoliating sand scrub into your fresh shavedlegs, but can also cause an infection of the hair follicle, calledfolliculitis. Pedicures are often enjoyable and allow fora little rest and relaxation that is often well deserved. As a result pedicuresshould be a worry free experience; however there are numerous issues that canarise from having pedicures that you ought to be aware of prior to schedulingyour next visit.


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