Now more than two thirds of the capacity of oil and gas fossil power plants can provide wind energy, and this source of fuel oil and gas is a valuable resource that can create several hundreds of value added. which can be used in the field of petrochemicals and exports. If we can move on, while we can secure energy and minimize the environmental consequences of fossil fuels and prevent the increase in ground temperatures and atmospheric effects, we can save energy.

Which is due to the fact that the efficiency of the thermal power plants that burn oil and gas is about 30 to 50 percent. That is, at the best power plants produced according to the standards of the day in the world, the maximum efficiency for the combined cycle is not increased by 50%.between one and half of the oil and gas capital that enters these plants is wasted in the form of heat and atmospheric pollutants. on the other hand, the transmission lines from the power plant to the consumer account for 20-25% of the losses our transmission lines also have a lot of losses. There are no such restrictions in the area of renewable energy but in terms of employment, according to the latest statistics, for a megawatt, a wind turbine will be created for ten people. Managing these plants will create employment for many people, if we can create this on a scale of 4,000 to 10,000 megawatts in the country and the barriers and constraints that make these forces develop can also be tackled in a variety of ways, for example, in a solar power plant, it takes 10 to 12 years to become profitable. Of course, if this technology is localized in the country, this time will be much shorter banks are now under-funded to support the private sector. Private companies are also limited in scope and can not advance without support We can solve this problem with the support of private and non-private sectors in addition to the shape of the power plant, solar energy can also be exploited in a scattered manner, that is, we can use this force at the place of necessity, which itself causes losses to be eliminated. this, while making fossil fuel power plants at first cheaper, has higher maintenance costs, as the fuel needs of these plants should be purchased continuously, which ultimately are not economically viable. Nevertheless, there is a huge gap between the dollars spent on building renewable energy ($ 266.6 billion in 2016) and the dollars spent on fossil fuel plants ($ 13.8 billion)

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because of being in the solar belt, Iran is one of the countries with a high potential for solar energy. Feasibility studies show that there are other elements necessary for this work in our country, for example, access to rich silicon resources can be mentioned in 90% of the country’s land. Silicon is the same raw material used to produce photovoltaic cells Photovoltaic is a phenomenon in which radiation energy directly converts to electrical energy. another important factor is the ability to access areas that have practically no particular user and can be easily used to install and deploy solar systems. among the positive features of photovoltaic systems, their ability to select different capacities, their compatibility with existing electrical systems (AC / DC), their lack of need for fuel or a grid of electricity, while not polluting the environment.

Figure 2 shows the impact of investment in renewable energy in the world.In order to welcome more people to renewable energy, and also
in the hope that more people will use these energies, I will propose ways to
welcome more people who depend on how to manage these energies. at present, the
energy or energy obtained from these energies is very low compared to unreduced
ones and because of the lack of non-renewable energies, we are
forced to use high-energy renewable energy, which today’s energy from the sun
and wind is more used than other renewable energies. one
of the proposed methods is to support the commercialization of inventions and
innovations in this field and to do this we will develop our international
interactions.another way we can point to the empowerment of trainers and
experts in this field, which should be supported by public workshops and
government and non-governmental centers, and the formation of a committee that
is specifically dedicated to this issue. managing clean energy sources will
make it possible to organize the construction of power plants and use the
maximum (more generating capacity) of these resources.and at the end of the day, the identification of jobs from the
construction of renewable power plants and the resulting manpower will also be
a factor in the economics of these projects, with which the relevant management
committee can carry out the necessary inspections and make the necessary
decisions.  Conclustion  given the world’s need for renewable energy, which, due to
the lack of renewable energy or non-renewable energy sources, such as fossil
fuels, oil and gas, etc., in the future, we will have a fundamental need for
unlimited energy. in addition, there are other benefits of this clean energy to
end-of-life energy, which can include less losses (such as power supply at the
consumer’s place, etc.), and the production of atmospheric pollutants and even
job creation. but by using strategies, we can raise the culture of using
clean energies and address our energy needs in the future, which include:support for the commercialization of inventions and
innovations, international interactions, the empowerment of trainers and
experts, the support of public workshops and public and non-governmental
centers and the identification of businesses and manpower capacity

although all these factors, although all of them are
difficult to implement, but all over time, are all possible and all have an
impact on the consumption of this kind of energy.


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