Olfactics or smell identifies as a major component in an individual’s sensory systemand emotional memory recall. It is one of the most significant of nonverbal communication skills because it is not only vastly understated, but can trigger emotional response to sensory stimuli, thus affecting the way a certain person or situation is perceived for example, a previous association of a scent can contribute to a present conception. Nonverbal communication has many variables and can at times be difficult to interpret even for experienced communicators.

This essay will demonstrate how nonverbal communication, specifically olfactics, impacts upon an individual’s personal and/or professional life. It will discuss how important nonverbal communication is in the workplace and how the olfactory system can impact both positively or negatively. Next, it will illustrate how wearing perfume can positively alter behavioural mannerisms. It will then approach how olfactics influence other aspects of nonverbal communication as basic as visual facial processing to affecting decision making in relation to certain stimuli. Finally, it will outline how specific odours are associated with a person and how they can be linked to forming attachment bonds, namelymother to infant.Nonverbal communication is an important aspect in communication practices in the workplace. It could be considered that people communicate equally nonverbally as with language (Lunenburg, 2010) whether it be in stance, the proximity to another person, eye contact, or the scent of an individual.

(Lunenburg, 2010). Olfactics play a significant role in the workplace and social functioning (Bonaccio, O’Reilly, O’Sullivan, & Chiocchio, 2016), as society places high demands on personal hygiene practices. Negative smells serve to deflect others (Bonaccio et al., 2016) which can be troublesome in the workplace if an employee does not practice good personal hygiene, not only can it reflect badly on business, 


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