On research will mention the various platform which

On one hand digital marketing has prioritized to have consumers connect with companies as they reach their target markets. The companies have built strategies on how they can be sustainable (regarding millennials) in its operations while on the other hand, they have discovered that millennials are the driving force behind user generated content which has turned to be a big influence on purchase decisions, engagement with companies on advertising their products online and mostly online shopping. Companies are targeting millennial generation as they are the largest market for their products and services to be purchased and consumed. With the increase in digital media use, companies have resulted to incorporating digital media in their strategies. The Internet, social networking, and inter-active technologies are empowering Millennials to be more active in the creation and advancement of products and brands. The marketing method ‘Word of Mouth’ goes around the world these days. The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of Digital Marketing on factors affecting Impulse Buying amongst millennials.  This research will allow us to identify certain strategies that have been adopted by various organizations as to how they interact, engage, influence with millennials when launching or marketing a product or service. Digital marketing is the fastest growing area of marketing, whereas its importance and status have been constantly growing.

This draws a nexus that present a strategic opportunity for companies to conform with the digital age era. This research will mention the various platform which companies are using to reach their target market. It may be consumer to consumer or business to business. Many organizations are start-ups hence have employees who are millennials and are transacting businesses and experiences between them. Digital marketing has had a huge impact on the start-ups scene especially here in Berlin, Germany. The internet plays a huge role in being an available and globalizing medium.

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This research will be carried out by sending out online survey using questionnaire as a method of collecting data. The survey will be tailored to millennials to understand the influence Digital Marketing has while they purchase items whether it is online or offline. With estimated time, the survey will take place February 2018, no specific dates to be mentioned just yet. This research is not intended to cost anything in monetary terms.