One of the biggest problems among not only adults but also teenagers around the world can be summed up into one term: alcoholism. Men that consume 14 or more drinks over the span of a week or four drinks at a time are at serious risk for alcohol related problems like dependence and abuse.

The same goes for women who consume seven or more a week or three drinks at once. Over 50 percent of Americans from across the country say that at least one family member has a drinking problem. About one in every nine adults in the world are at risk for alcohol abuse, this more times than not leads to dangerous and harmful activity. The drinking age for alcohol in the United States is 21, however that does not stop Americans from getting hooked onto alcohol from their teenage years. Nearly half of all victims of alcohol abuse have had the problem since they were teenagers. The United States as a whole must bruit the dangers of alcohol more effectively as they clearly have not been doing a sufficient job. Misusing alcohol has serious consequences and can, in some cases be life threatening.

It is known to contribute to liver and heart disease, cancers, and various other disorders. Alcohol is the leading cause of all deaths related to motor vehicles. Alcoholism is often confused with alcohol abuse, but the reality is, the two terms mean very different things.

People get the two confused because the two have similar negative effects. The article Alcohol and Abuse says, “alcoholism is a chronic disease does Progressive an often-fatal people can become alcoholics regardless of the kind of alcohol to drink how long they have been drinking or even how much alcohol they consume.” Drinking problem can be derived from 4 warning signs. Feeling a need to cut down on drinking, feeling annoyed about criticism with alcohol, feeling guilty about drinking, and waking up and feeling the need to drink to calm nerves. Often leads to problems arranged outside of just physical detriments.

Although alcohol causes of relaxation and Euphoria, it also can depress the nervous system and also leads to improper balance and coordination. Also the way one talks becomes slowed, one’s reflexes are taken a toll on, and people often vomit. Alcohol has had significant links to brain deterioration which can lead to a number of different disorders. Alcohol has been known to cause periods of time in which drinkers do not Remember anything from, this is called a blackout.

As the public is slowly becoming more aware of the problems that alcohol poses, there is a clear vicissitude of attitude towards getting help. People are getting diagnosed earlier as it is a more open subject in present day, and families are not trying to immure the issue as much as they had in the past. These early diagnoses are proving to be the difference in people getting better and recovering from alcoholism. New treatments and plans are being created in hopes of finding an elixir for alcoholism and abuse, some cognitive therapies have been proven to be quite successful.

In conclusion, alcohol is proven to be one of the most addictive and harmful substances known to man, and despite an age restriction of 21 it has not been a problem for minors to obtain this deathly substance which raises the question, are we really doing everything we can to keep alcohol out of the wrong hands? More needs to be done in terms of restrictions on the substance and that is likely to come in the future.


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