One of the defining moral principles in the structure of a free society is that of self-determination. The very notion of self-determination must be in the company of free-will and responsible moral freedom.

Individuals of a society are inherently free and a controlling government subverts this freedom, which in turn subverts their self-determination. This is why socialism is considered a secular mindset. It replaces a person’s morality and freedom of choice with a coerced moral mandate, this mindset being that the government knows better what the moral course of action should be. we can never truly be free without our personal responsibility and freedom of choice.The political foundations of a free society are inalienable rights or the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In a society which seeks to maximize freedom, and in which various interests are competing, the government should protect those interests which are common. The bill of rights is also very important in the structure of a free society because It prevents the government from undertaking the subjugation of the people.

One of the main economic foundations in a truly free society is the idea of Laissez Faire. This is because it allows industries to be free of government restriction, more importantly, restrictions in the form of tariffs and government monopolies. It is primarily important because the proponents of the theory of laissez-faire are the driving force behind free trade and the world trade organization.

At the ideas root, is that basic belief in the separation of state and economics. Likewise in the same way, and for the same reasons, as the separation of state and church. However, a certain amount of regulation by the government has always been found to be necessary to perpetuate a capitalistic system. Otherwise, it dissolves into price fixing, oligopolies, captured markets, etc. But in all it is important to let the market do their own thing, this is one of the basic tenets of capitalism. Everyone is free to compete and to risk their money in an entrepreneurial enterprise in hopes of making profits.

If someone figures out a way to make something better and cheaper, they will not only be successful, but they will help the individuals in the society get a better, cheaper product so everyone benefits. Free market capitalism has been shown to be the better system because it produces wealth faster for almost everyone.


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