One of the disadvantages of BFGym bureaucratic structure, is theflexibility that it offers the organisation as the management and the rigidnessof the structure, because of this it can lead to defectiveness among management and employees which couldlead to Weber’s theory of red tape and bureaucratic personality (King, Lawley,2016). This is clearly shown in the case study in the case of Jane, asmanagement did not offer any flexibility in her request to change some herclasses or change some of the exercises in the classes, this would lead toemployees like Jane feeling that they should leave and work for a different gymas they may offer more flexibility to their employees. In the future, I suggestthat Kate, should try a be less trained incapacity, as flexibility can be essential in an organisation ingetting the job done (King, Lawley, 2016), this means Kate can show somecomprise to her employees and still be able to be an efficient organisation.One of the other disadvantages of BFGym’s organisational structure, is how theorganisations management decision to stick to the structure process in decisionmaking and pre, this can cause disenchant the employees and create negativity between management andemployees (King, Lawley, 2016).

This is evident in the case studythrough Jo, as management did not want to change the process of allowing her tochange some of the sessions she does on her shifts, but more so they cut hersessions by 15 minutes without consulting her making not frustrated and dissatisfiedwith her job. Because of this, it can have a direct effect on their reputationof having ‘friendly staff and amiable atmosphere’ (in the case study), whichcould result in BFGym losing customers to other rival gyms especially the fitnessindustry being a competitive market. Moving forward I suggest Kate, has less ofbureaucratic personality, as she needs to start seeing things for the bigger picture or be more openwith her employees in her decision making process because it could mean heremployees are less like to want to leave, but she’s also to maintain anefficient organisation as she is able to retain the BFGym reputation. (King,Lawley, 2016). The final disadvantage of the BFGym, is 


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