opic: Explore the ways in which Kidd Strikingly Portrays the relationship between Lily and Rosaleen in the course of the Novel.Sue Monk Kidd Secret Life Of Bees evaporates a lot on the Relationship between lily and rosaleen, Rosaleen has been Lily’s mother figure since the day Lily accidently killed her mother with a pistol while her and her father were fighting, it started to get aggressive because of her father.After that T.Ray hired a housekeeper, Rosaleen, ever since then Rosaleen was Lily’s only friend, Rosaleen made lily wear long skirts to school because she’s starting to grow up. When Rosaleen got sent to jail, she was told that her mother deserted her when she was a baby, by T.Ray she thought it was true at first but after a while she thought that he just made that up to punish lily for getting in trouble with the Cops, After that she decided to run away and go break out Rosaleen from jail, After she found out that that Rosaleen got sent to the hospital because the three white men that she got angry beat her in the jail to the point where she needed stitches, she headed over there with a plan to break her out of that hospital so they can both run away, This shows that Lily’s Trust Rosaleen completely and want to run away with her.

When Rosaleen saw that Lily sneaked into the Hospital to see her in Her Hospital room,Rosaleen started to cry her eyes out, out of all the years that Lily’s been with Rosaleen, Lily never saw Rosaleen cry, this probably told lily that she was actually scared and shows that Rosaleen is comfortable enough to cry in front of her, after everything that they’ve been through, after everything was settled, lily asked Rosaleen to run away with her, Rosaleen was hepatic after what she asked but Lily ended up Combined, so they sneaked out of the hospital and went out of town.When lily and Rosaleen were walking away from town, Rosaleen asked where they were heading, Lily responded with Tiburon, so while they were walking over their, it got dark so they had to find a place to sleep but didn’t  find anything so they ended up sleeping on grass, lily had to talk to Rosaleen that she shouldn’t have done anything to those white men and should’ve just apologize, Rosaleen ended up getting mad so they ended up arguing back and forth with Rosaleen saying it was dumb if i dead and it would be dumb if she didn’t, but lily only said that because she cares about rosaleen and didn’t want to get more hurt than she had to.Because supposedly lily’s mother deserting her, Rosaleen was the only woman influence in lily’s life. At this time puberty becomes an Overwhelming issue. Rosaleen helps lily adopts to adulthood

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