Oprah donations to a variety of good causes,

Oprah Winfrey, in my opinion is a hero of our universe. She is a celebrity, a leader, and a hero who is known all around the world. As She was growing up she never had a very good childhood. She continually bounced around from home to home, and never really had a good and proper parental role model in her life. Oprah went through many hardships in her life, but in the end those hardships have shaped her into the incredibly successful and powerful women that she is today. Through her career, Oprah has become one of the wealthiest people in the world, however with the abundance of money to her name, she chooses to use it to help others all around the world. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most famous philanthropists in the world, as she seeks to better the welfare of others by her generous donations to a variety of good causes, Like said earlier, Oprah endured a hard and truly devastating childhood. Oprah’s mother gave birth to her at a very young age, so after her birth she was sent to live with her grandmother. While with her grandmother Oprah learnt how to read by the age of two and a half, and was actually considered to be a gifted child within her town. When oprah was six years old she then returned to loving with her mother. Her mother worked extremely long days, and was not present often. During her mothers absence, Oprah was repeatedly molested by the males within her family. She then ran away from home, and was in fact sent to a juvenile detention center, but was turned down due to overcrowding. Following this, Oprah was then all alone and on the streets. At only age 14, nearly a year after running away from home, she became pregnant. After the birth of her child, she unfortunately lost the baby due to complications, and decided to take her life to Nashville, where she would live with her father. This is when she began to turn her life around. Living with her father was exactly what Oprah needed. He provided her with a home, a family, and strict rules. Rules that enforced a curfew, as well as rules forcing her to stay focused on her studies. All of which paid off when she began succeeding in academics. She became an honour student winning a variety of prizes and titles. Things had turned around for her, she became “Miss Black Tennessee” and got herself her first real job. Oprah’s career began in high school where she worked in the radio station, and from there, it went nowhere but up. She continued to build her career, and then finally came “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. Little did she know that this show would become one of the most successful talk shows in history. Her show helps many people all around the world, by the discussions she has, as well as the gifts she gives. Also, Oprah supports many different charities and causes by making more than generous donations, as well as creating her own charity called “Oprah’s Angle Network”. Oprah truly is a hero of our universe. She is generous beyond belief, and is one of the most loving and warm hearted individuals there are. She does anything and everything that she can in order to ensure that others who are less fortunate can live their lives to the absolute fullest. Oprah is a hero, she gives so much to others without expecting anything at all in return. She is so selfless, and wants those that she helps to be happy and help them live a beautiful life, that is her goal, to give people a life with no regrets.