Our brand, all thanks to the prior experience

Our Team

La Jolla’s super efficient and certified technicians ensure you get the best possible standard of service. The technicians and handy-man here, have to go through long, detailed and gruelling levels of interview, before they finally make it. In these interviews they are judged on the basis of their knowledge, experience and general behaviour. Thus, you can trust them with any form and brand of appliance and its repair and maintenance. They can handle pretty much any domestic apparatus disaster. From Magic Chef, LG, Dacor to Whirlpool, Kenmore and White-Westinghouse, our technicians can pretty much work with any brand, all thanks to the prior experience and their training session. Also, because you spend so much money on these machines, that is exactly the kind of assurance you need with your investment.

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La Jolla Appliance Repair’s Equipment

At XXXX, special attention is paid to each and every equipment, because we believe every costumer is special and every equipment is precious. Also, we guarantee the use of superior quality, products while repairing and replacement. We are adamant in providing the kind of services that will not only exceed your expectations but also will prove to be easy on your pocket. Also, we have a 90% success rate which means that an appliance that leaves our workshop almost never comes back. How cool is that?

Highlights of La Jolla’s Appliance Repair

1.     Exception post-Sales Services

Although, we do try our best to provide best service, sometimes appliances tend to get a little out of hands and start acting up even after the work is completed and sent back. If that is the case, you don’t have to worry. Just get in touch with our 24*7 costumer care service. They will sure you get assistance as soon as possible and even guide you through if its an emergency, another perk of hiring a knowledgeable technician. Our customer service helpline is available and working even on weekends and holidays because we understand that emergencies can strike at anytime. Also, they try their best to make your after-sale experience as pleasant as possible. Also, after the work is done they offer tips for better care and maintenance in future.

2.     Offers up to 5 year Warranty for replaced parts

At XXXX, they offer up to 5 years of warranty for all the replaced products. Also, they never use generic spare parts for any appliance and make use of only manufacturer replacement parts.  Also, they have a huge in-house inventory which allows them to store about 95% of the parts that tend to cause trouble in their workshop for quick and easy repairs.  On top of that we have pre-equipped trucks, so basically we don’t even have to take your appliance with us, we can do it right there and then within a couple of hours.

3.     Deals with plethora of devices

We try and provide our best to the La Jolla community with budget friendly services, quick repair and maintenance and a very friendly costumer care services. Also, we have tried to cover all the appliances when it comes to repairs under one roof. From dryer, refrigerator, freezer to over, kitchen tops and dishwashers, we’ve got everything covered, Also, not just the repairing, we service and help you with the maintenance as well, in order to avoid any future problems and long lasting life of a product.