OUTMODEDTECHNOLOGY:Until the 1980s India was seized in a primitive warp,when all its products and services were frugal, outmoded and utilitarian, draband run down – yellow compartments on the rails. It was just after theliberalization of the economy in 1991 that the beings of India were eventually instigatedto quality and aesthetics, to brilliancy and fame, smooth lines and perfection,as not in favour to everything that ever prevailed till then. Most of thesewere granted by the private sector. The government extended its worktowards socialism-induced stasis, which is evident by the stark contrastbetween the today’s corporate buildings, cars, buses, airports and ourtrains and stations and other government buildings. We are ineffectual to run conventional train servicesproperly as we are  detrimental to effortsto develop and use high technology in rail transports, which is long-delayed.

 Dueto increase in population and railways being the most convenient way oftravelling explosion in the number of passangers severely oppressed  the aging railway system, which had beenconstructed to a fairly low standard. As the conclusion, Rail accidentshave not been a rare case in our country . It’s congested as well as untidy.

Observers  say successive governments, uninterested totake hard steps to face its perpetual list of issues, have hampered the growthand development of Asia’s oldest rail network.According to a 2012 governmentpanel report, over 40% of accidents occurred due to the failure faced by railwaystaff in India. It has also been observed that between 2006 and 2011 a risingnumber of accidents were generally because of wreck and sabotage. Its has been known that the government of India in theirinitial years have “Tried” to modernize the Indian Railways,it is unfortunate that the Country is still steps behind from a developed technologyRailway System.


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