Over the past couple of years, both the federal and privateindustries had made some significant strides in terms of improving accessibilityand very much exceeding their disabled customers’ growing expectations.However, making the environment or equipment’s accessible is more than just afeel-good marketing tool to attract the best people for that position.

Forexample, an accessibility standard for the banks reaches far beyond the perfectparking spots, ramps and or braille on ATM machines. A good communication isalso part of accessibility and standards which are required by both the federaland state statutes. This paper will analyze the United States Department ofAgriculture (USDA) 508 Guidance checklist on how it would present a problem toa disabled person and how it could be fixed without lowering the acceptablestandard for a non-disabled person.Under ID section1.0, for web-based documents, the tables can be further controlled with markupsign or language for easy differentiation. Web Accessibility Center (WAC),gives a good example of using table rows and column headers to make the tabledata much more “readable and understandable” for the screen reader. Therefore,the first row of a data table should contain header cells that are all taggedas TH and well scoped to the column.For the Table of Content (TOC), it will beimportant to ensure that content order is programmatically maintained so userof Assistive technology can go through the content the way it was initiallyintended on a web page and although this might require a manual inspection andwill not typically be flagged in any automated tools, this can still beevaluated with a screen reader.

            Lastly, ID 2.0 under the document image requirements, it is not just enough toadd alternative text to images, so the text must also provide an adequatedescription of the image(s) without actually being too convoluted. Similar tothe way that is not enough to have a descriptive text for a hyperlink, theparticular text must properly explain the purpose of the hyperlink and probablyshould not be identical to the already available description of the differenthyperlink. 


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