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In paper1,an effective cluster-head scheme inaugurated routing protocol as MOD LEACH. An energy model was proposed and
 compared mixed bag of aspects with existing leach protocol.
Network Quality was studied based  on various aspects of data
 transmission due to the modification on the Leach protocol.Further, 
Heuristic simulation were carried out to procure the energy consumption
using MATLAB and it showed hat modified leach consumed less energy 
than leach.Comparisons among LEACH and MOD LEACH protocol 
demonstrated that efficiency of WSN can be improved if optimum cluster
 head are taken up by modified leach protocol.Protocols were implemented 
in Tiny OS with some accuracy.protocols were substantiated to be more
victorious when used for routing packets.

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In paper2,a novel routing algorithm was proposed called as Multi-Group Leach
-framework of leach.LEACH resort to randomize rotation of cluster-heads instead
 of static selection.Simulation was performed to analyze proposed algorithm MG-LEACH,
compared dataset with Leach considering varied parameters.The objective of MG-LEACH
was to exploit redundant nodes so as to perpetuate network life.A table that represented
values of FND(first node dies),HND(half),LND(last) metrics,it could be concluded 
that Total life span for proposed algorithm in scenario has refined 79% better than leach.
Results confirmed that performance and  network life time amplified upto 90%

In another paper3,limitation of energy in WSN is challenge faced and a solution 
to the problem was instituted called as E-leach,more effective as when FND and HND
E-LEACH shows better implementation.More augmented and secure protocol was
provided which is LS-LEACH,authentication algorithm was consolidated to assure data
authenticity as well as availability.Simulation of LS-LEACH was handled using 
Network simulator NS-2.NS-2 build in c++ and has OTcl interface. Further,Linux 
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was installed on system.Simulation results were obtained by
comparing classical LEACH protocol and LS-LEACH protocol , performed better 
taking into account the overall system and the proposed 
protocol provided an algorithm to validate the new nodes that appeal to unify network

In another paper4, Anshul Marya et al. has proposed a protocol,Energy Efficient Heterogeneous 
LEACH(EEHL)which is based on LEACH with escalated stability.This protocol resulted in refined energy 
efficiency and network lifetime by deploying advanced nodes in perceptive fashion.
The main features of proposed protocol are heterogeneity and perspicacious use of 
advanced cluster-head. Simualtion was performed using MATLAB on Intel core i3 machine
with 3 GB RAM.Results in MATLAB substantiated that energy efficiency has increased
10% than heterogeneous LEACH protocol and 32% than LEACH.