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Critical illnesses are responsible for cutting short the lives of both the young and the old. In some cases, they can be avoided or cured or kept in the early stages. However, most people do not like to go to the hospital especially when symptoms are minimal. Going through a critical illness can be very draining, physically, emotionally, physically and even financially. This article will cover measures that can be taken to help anyone going through this difficult journey and steps that can be taken once they reach the recovery stage.
Insurance in Kenya is very important especially when it comes to hospital visits. Many people avoid going to hospital because this can dent a person’s budget immensely. Tests and consultations range in the 1000’s of Shillings which is not affordable for most of the population. Having an insurance policy is a great way to make those hospital visits regular in order to catch any pesky diseases before they have a chance to spread and get worse. 
It is a fact that most people have life insurance. However, this can only be used in the worst case scenario which is where the ill person is put to rest. This cover gives a payout to the deceased’s beneficiary who is normally a family member. Insurance covers like Health Insurance, on the other hand, provide protection to an ill person before and during they are diagnosed with a critical illness. 
Unfortunately, critical illnesses are quite expensive to treat. This is because they require more doctors and treatments as opposed to a case of the common flu. Insurance helps with these hefty costs and keeps the sick person as well as their family and friends financially stable through such an unstable time. Mild headaches and flus have been the beginning of critical illnesses in many cases. This is not information used to scare. Rather, it is information used to inform. Medical Insurance can allow a person to see the doctor for something small rather than ignore it only for it to get worse. 
Critical Care coverage, also known as Critical Care Insurance, provides payment for treatments required as a person fighting their ailment. This will pay medical providers as well as other costs that occur during the care of a critically ill person. These payments depend on the insurance policy the individual has taken out. Most of the diseases that are covered in this insurance cover can be found in the Critical Illness Disease List. These include, heart problems, kidney failure, loss of sight, lung cancer, stroke among many others. 
After a person has been through a critical illness, they have another hurdle to jump over. This is getting back to normal. A critical disease takes up so much time and energy that it becomes a person’s entire life when they are in the process of battling it. Many patients who have beat critical illnesses say the same thing when asked about how they feel after. There is said to be a reckoning that this thing that was attacking you is now gone. Getting back to normal can be hard.
The most important thing to do is try and get back to day to day activities. Start slow, get back into light work. Eat right and exercise. Stay on the medicine that the doctors have prescribed and ensure that you never miss a checkup. 
Going through a critical illness is difficult. Insurance covers are a great help during such a time and once the illness is conquered, the only thing one can do is take it one day at a time until they feel like themselves again. To find out more go to (insert link here).

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