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ul1 {list-style-type: disc}What is STD?Sexually transmitted diseases or the STDs could be a nightmare for anyone. As much as you have to be aware of them and keep yourself protected you have to be conscious of the treatment. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the STD and STD Treatment.

However, first let us explain what STD is? STD is the abbreviation of “Sexually Transmitted Diseases”. These diseases are transferred from one individual to another through sexual intimacy.STD TreatmentThe STD requires immediate attention and care, so the first rule is to never try to self-diagnose or self-medicate yourself.  The STD’s are various contagious and serious business so always rush to a doctor for the diagnosis. The bacterial STD’s could be cure with the use of antibiotics.

However, no treatment has yet been found for the viral STD’s. Mentioned below are some of the treatments related to various STD’s.AIDS/HIV:The best-known treatment for the HIV is antiretroviral drugs. However, the timing of this treatment has opened a debate among the medical community. These drugs do not cure the disease but can only keep the virus in check. The AIDS is non-curable disease and its treatment is also expensive.

If you have developed this disease, then talk to your doctor as for when you have to start the antiretroviral treatment.Gonorrhea and Chlamydia:If the test results show a positive result for the Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, then you must start the treatment regardless of the symptoms. The Gonorrhea can be treated with the antibiotics.

Moreover, the treatment of the Gonorrhea should also be extended to your partner even if there are no symptoms.  Furthermore, Gonorrhea infection may get resistant to certain drugs so you have to complete the treatment and then leave the treatment after retest.Syphilis:The most effective treatment for the Syphilis is by far the penicillin. However, you have to ensure that the bacteria do not get spread in the body and affect the other parts of the body.

Genital herpes:Well, it is indeed the most disgusted and horrendous disease as the virus of genital herpes remain in the host body forever. So you may have the several outbreaks during your lifetime.  However, with the use of Suppressive therapy, you can lessen the occurrence of such outbreaks. In the suppressive therapy, you have to take your medicine on the daily basis to avoid any outbreak.

Genital Warts:It’s the silent type of STD as the symptoms disappear after some time. However, you have to keep in mind that the virus is still inside your body and sexually be transmitted to your partner. There are both oral surgical treatments available for warts. However, the main point is to get your disease treated before transmitting it to someone else.Hepatitis B:Hepatitis B is a silent killer, this disease spreads in the body without the major symptoms.

If you have found the virus in the early stage of the disease, then you may stop it from further spreading. If the disease has already been spread, then only a liver transplant is the solution.The STD Treatment is always related to the stage of the disease and most of the disease may get transmitted to the sex partner before even the appearance of the symptoms. So, always be conscious of your health and get yourself test on the regular basis.


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