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  What is interesting to me is that there are different styles of gothic architecture, and within those styles there are sub styles of them.  Gothic art has become a focal point for churches and to this day we study how they were built. We are going to start with the style “Early Gothic.” You must understand that in the beginning this art style was not look upon as a good thing to society, they thought it was a stain on the Roman time period.  Although through time it became apparent that the gothic style was a good thing.  You can see this style of architecture in Paris, France.  During this time the focus was making massive buildings with intricate detail to the physical building.  There are three important parts of and they are ribs, pointed arches and vaults, and flying buttresses.

  One of the first building of its kind is Notre-Dame in Paris.  I have been there personally and see the architecture.  I was just blown away in how beautiful and how massive the building was.  It is also crazy to think about that it was built in the 1100’s.  From this cathedral they architecture spread through Europe. They also have a style in north of France called Romanesque, because of its roman taste and also how it represents the gothic architecture.   The next sale of architecture we are going to talk about is  called “High Gothic.”  We start to see a shift in how gothic architecture is done.

  In this period around 1250 they start to focus more on art inside of the buildings than on how massive and how large the building is.  From the website “one building deserves special mention, the Sainte-Chapelle,Paris (consecrated 1248). This was Louis IX’s palace chapel, built to house an imposing collection of relics.”  We see King Louis had a very large impact in the gothic architecture in England.  He was a visionary and saw that buildings could be beautiful in many ways.  Another famous building that was built during this time is Westminster Abbey in London England.  Like stated before, there are different styles inside of “High Gothic.

”  This next sub style is called Rayonnant and Decorated Gothic according to history-world.org.  Their styles lean more for decoration than the large building.

One of the most known styles of Rayonnant is the rose window put in many cathedrals in France, these windows would let more light in. The website history-world.org did a fantastic job of providing details and also doing it in a timeline according to how the gothic architecture evolved.  It showed how gothic architecture changed Europe and how builds were built.  Not only that they were built but they were built with intentionality and passion.

  The text was very a little overwhelming and had to focus on the paragraph.  Andrew Martindale the Professor that wrote this article, was very detailed and was able to write well informed paragraphs. I would give this website article an A, the only thing I would recommend to them is to add some pictures.

In conclusion I believe that gothic architecture is very important and how we understand the Middle Ages.  I hope that we are able to make a mark in history on how we create buildings and not only just creating them but making them stand the test of time.  Architecture is one of the items in history that is always looked upon on how a society made its mark.  Gothic architecture is beautiful and I hope that you are able to experience it in person, you will stand amazed.Works CitedMartindale, Andrew.

“A history of the Gothic period of Art and Architecture.” Gothic Art And Architecture, www.history-world.org/gothic_art_and_architecture.htm.


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