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The career I chose for my self to to do is to be a pharmacist, I chose to be a pharmacist because I think this career is gonna  fit me well because I really like to work with chemistry and science and pharmacist have that. I chose this because I really like it because once time I walked in the store and I saw lots of workers doing what they are supposed to do and I saw workers helping people with medicine that there are supposed to take each day.

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I really love this career because I really see my self doing this job and its gonna be a good fit and for the future. I just got to work hard and really focus to be pharmacist and nothing else and that is basically my goal and my future career that I will love to do and there is nothing else that I want to do besides to be a pharmacist. 
I think this career will make me really happy in the future because this was my future career. I really want people to notice me in the future that I was a good pharmacist so they can be like he was a good hardworking student. I want to work many years for this job and earn good bank so I can buy my dream house and my dream car and anything that I wanted in my whole life and I would be so happy.

For this career that I’m doing there is lots of stuff you gotta do if you want to be a professional pharmacist, if I want to be a pharmacist I need to go to high school and college and get good grades and do a good job. There is a example of what I need, I need a degree cause if you don’t have a degree you cant be a pharmacist, I should need a Doctor of pharmacy to be a pharmacist or I can get a high school diploma for a start. I can do 3 years of college or I can get a bachelors degree and if I have one of those I can go to pharmacy school and get more learning, this will take 8 year to be a professional pharmacist.There is lots of pharmacist that work in different places like here is a example, some pharmacists work at hospitals, clinics and the army, I think it is really helpful if some pharmacist were at the army and help the soldiers like if they need some medicine for there heath. If I was gonna pick a country to live and be a pharmacist I would pick United States because I think they are just better, I think they have way better technology to use in the store and I think the have more new features  and I mostly think they have good members that work. United states probably has the best salary for pharmacist and that is very good. The average salary for a pharmacist is between $118,00-$135,000 and that is very good salary. Most people who work at pharmacy want to have good money so they can have money for there life style. I think salary is pretty good but hopefully the salary changes and goes up. The average ten year salary is probably gonna be over 1 million because I think if you save your money you will have over 1 million and that is really good. The nature of the the pharmacy workplace it is were busy for my opinion, the works usually deal with people what medications they are prescribed by. I think this job is for both genders, like I don’t care what genders there are but any gender is fine with me to work in the pharmacy but I don’t think there would be a difference if there was more boys then girl cause they would doing the same job as everyone else. There are lots of related occupations that are very similar to a pharmacist, like here is an example there is Medical Scientists,Pharmacy Technicians, Physicians and Surgeons, Registered Nurses,Pharmacy Aides and these job are very similar but there different because each jobs do different things.The pharmacist longterm outlook that I found that the employment for pharmacy in increasing 25% from 2010 to 2020 it is basically talking about the average rate for employment for this job. I think this whole employment will increase by more percentages cause I think people are looking forward to be a pharmacist is the future and thats why I think it will increase by a slight percentage. The company I choose is cannon pharmacy because it is a really good store and good workers and this company is really close to my house and thats why I chose it. The cannon pharmacy hire any day you just got to fill out an application so they can see how are you like then you can get training for the job if you have the right education. For the job there is some requirements you need, you need a diploma and maybe a degree for a start which that is not bad for a start you just gotta work hard. The allowances for the pharmacy is gonna be $5,468 to $45,930 per annum and that is really good that you are gonna get that much money if you work hard and be good at work. I think the advance in this company is gonna be real good cause I think this place Is gonna be positive and not negative and I think the customers probably like this place cause its a really company. The family leave for this company and like when you can take days off and when you can take sick day, but Im not really sure when you can have a family leave but you gotta to talks to your boss about but I think for sick days you can take of cause you don’t want to get people sick at the store. The salary for this company should be at least $12-$15 per hour and that is not bad at all its a pretty good start and you get paid $20,000-$30,000 per year and thats not the very best but if you work hard you will reached the $100,000 point. For the education is really good you just got to get a degree and a doctor of pharmacy and you could go to collage for 3 years. There is more companies like this In different states and that is good but I think it will be the same salary. I chose this company because my 2 sisters work there and I want to be like them and the company is really close to my house and thats why I chose it and its a very good store good workers and good customers and I hope in the future when I am 18 year old that I can work at Cannon Pharmacy