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NixAP English 304 January 2018Importance of EducationEducation is a vital necessity for everyday life and in the future. Without it, in any form or variation, the way people live their lives would change completely. There are many different forms of education, the one that speaks out the most to me is the education of enlightening experiences. Education is not just about what you learn in a classroom, but it is the experiences you acquire in your life that stabilize and help you along the way.

Parents are a way to get the experiences that help you become the person you need to be. They are responsible for giving children the things they need to become successful in school and in social situations. “A respect for your parents that is nothing short of religious, something I was amazed to find was not shared among the kids with whom I went to college and graduate school.”(220). The things parents teach their children will continue the future of education, those children will teach others how to act and will be responsible for how the future will be. Without parents the world would not be able to function the way it does now, everyone teaches their kid different ways.Education is the things you learn from others, other than your parents, it can be acquired through a mentor, books or other people.

“By the time I got to Bedford Hills, I had listened to more than six hundred people. Some of them over the course of two or three years.”(291).

Being shown new things and letting others help you improve on old things is important. It helps you grow in your knowledge and way of life. This type of education is important to understand because it’s a type that you, as an individual puts forth or effort into, this form of education is an applying oneself to this type of learning.Education is how we when we are children, teens and young adults, form our ideas and opinions. Without it we wouldn’t have any of those because they would be all the same, the only outlets to forming opinions are through the media. And in the media, we can only learn one-sided things or the wrong things, so education is important in this sense by learning what is right and wrong and how to form your own opinions about it. Though the media is important and an easy way to learn about current events, it should not be the only source for your opinions.

We can hope people would not be swayed by what they see on the internet or on T.V, but people are not educated in the way of learning what is wrong and right. There are people who believe that education is not important or needed to be successful, which is partially correct. It is not needed a hundred percent to be successful but it is helpful and it will definitely help.

It is a way to further yourself from the crowd and look more wanted or favorable to future jobs or bosses. You do not really need a formal education, that exceeds the basics, and you do not need a lot of experiences to get by. You do not need a formal education, like college, but you do need education. “And while there are numerous advantages to furthering your education—knowledge is power, after all—it doesn’t guarantee you a job at the end.”.

The only way to be successful is to learn everything you can to be able to do everything. Education makes the world a safer and efficient place. It helps people know what actions are legal and illegal. An educated person would know when something is illegal or morally incorrect.

Without education, the world would be put into chaos, with crime and there would not be anyone able to stop them. There would be no one educated enough to protect everyone and nobody will be doing any jobs. Education also means learning a trade, or a profession, that will help you get a job. The most basic jobs require learning some skill, really any jobs you can have needed some sort of skills. Any retail job you will need to learn how to organize, work the cash register and how to speak to the customers. There is no way for a person to survive without a job, and without learning some sort of a skill, there is no way to get a job.


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