People die each day, about 2,626,418 Americans die annually and about 33,880 died relating to guns annually. The debate has been going on for the past decade whether guns is the cause for all violence and/or all deaths in America. You might know someone who owns a firearm or have seen one throughout your life. Whether you’re for guns or against it is not the case, sometimes you must see the bigger picture here regarding to this kind of weapons and what the purpose is for. I’ll provide both perspective information and remain open minded to the argument being presented.To understand about guns, let’s look back to where guns originally came from and what it’s purpose was intended for.

It started back in the 9th century after the Chinese invented black powder and begin to trade the powder in the middle east. The black powder made its way to Europe along the Silk Road trade route from the middle east. Fast forward to the 14th century, the first gun was invented in 1364 in Europe, it is unknown who really invented the first gun, but some speculate that the Italians invented the guns while others argue that the French were the pioneers of the gun. However, it was the Chinese who invented the first gun in the 11th century. Historians speculated that the purpose for these guns are for sport in their country, but the answer is quite simple, for war.

It didn’t take long for the Europeans to start building their own version of the gun, in fact, they advanced further than the Chinese in a small amount of time.Now of course, guns are really a controversial topic obviously, but you to have realize the individuals who are acquiring theses guns. Molly Ivins states in her story: “”A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

“2 Fourteen-year-old boys are not part of a well-regulated militia. Members of wacky religious cults are not part of a well-regulated militia.”This statement is 100% true, though citizens need to take care of themselves against others with firearms, it’s also best to know these citizens actual intention. In 2015, it’s been reported that 36,252 people has died relating to firearms.

12,979 has died of homicide; 22, 018 died of suicide; 489 died of unintentional fire; 484 died in legal intervention; and 282 died in undetermined intent.  Molly Ivins also states that:”The comparison most often used is that of the automobile, another lethal object that is regularly used to wreak great carnage. Obviously, this society is full of people who haven’t got enough common sense to use an automobile properly. But we haven’t outlawed cars yet.

We do, however, license them and their owners, restrict their use to presumably sane and sober adults and keep track of who sells them to whom. At a mini- mum, we should do the same with guns.”Another statement that we should also agree.

People would use anything as a weapon, whether it be a gun, a car, a knife, an axe, a chainsaw etc. The smartest way is to put more restrictions when it comes to purchasing guns, so it won’t fall into the wrongs. Now, is it better to ban the guns for a more effective way, absolutely not. Not only will this enrage the American people, this will not solve the homicides being committed every day.

 At least 38,000 Americans died annually by car crashes, though we’re fully aware of the dangers it comes to driving, we choose to ignore the statistics believing it’ll never happen to us if we’re careful. This can also apply to anyone owning a gun and being a responsible citizen. Every Town conducted a research and reports:”According to a study by the Department of Justice, between 1994 and 2014, federal, state, and local agencies conducted background checks on more than 180 million firearm applications and denied 2.82 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers. To date, the background check system has blocked over 3 million firearm sales to prohibited purchasers.”As you can see, this proven to be very effective and it’s best to continue in order reduce future fatalities. Another thing that seems to be concerning is the amount of firearms being in the U.S.

It seems ridiculous to be having an enormous number of guns in the country, which was intended for self-defense and it best to reduce the quantities of firearms we have in this nation. BBC reports:”No official figure exists but there are thought to be about 300 million in the US, held by about a third of the population. That is nearly enough guns for every man, woman and child in the country.”In conclusion, guns can be a very dangerous weapon, especially if you don’t know how to use it properly. However, it does not mean to completely ban it in order to see drastic results that lead to an American crisis fighting for the second amendment. Far Left Wings has gone far as to completely ban it and confiscate all firearms in order to protect the citizen.

Far Right Wings has even proposed to eliminate all restrictions when purchasing a gun regarding to giving citizens “more freedom”. Both Ideas are idiotic and need to see a different perspective. My proposal would be like I said previously, have more restrictions when it comes to buying a gun, as in; acquire a license; pass the written test; pass shooting range; check on your medical records to see if any mental problems; and finally have your gun be inspected once per year. So, to answer your question, “Are Guns really the problem?” No, it’s not. Unstable people are the problem.


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