Plato allegory of the cave illustrates Plato’s views

Plato was an early Greek philosopher who instituted the Academy and is most well-known for his writings of unparalleled influence. Throughout his life, Plato had written many dialogues over numerous subjects, some being justice, epistemology, political philosophy, and even theology. One of Plato’s most successful and widely read dialogues was the Republic. Before the Republic, many of Plato’s dialogues consisted of a speaker, Socrates, refuting the positions of his interlocutors, and many of the dialogues do not end with an adequate answer. However, the Republic delivers a position in which Socrates takes on justice and its relation to happiness. Plato […]

Arguments for and against the existence of God

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Arguments for and against the existence of God Many philosophers, theologians and scientists have argued for and against the existence of God. The debate for and against the existence of a supreme being have been raised by many philosophers concerning these issues. The atheists assert on the arguments of existence of God through providing insufficient reason for believing in God. Contrary, the theists acknowledge that God exists through putting their faith and believe in God. Some religions such as Buddhism do not involve themselves in the debate at all. Diverse reasons have been provided by philosophers […]

Applicable Artificial Intelligence

APPLICABLE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTRODUCTION: The Artificial Intelligence is related with the design of intelligence in an artificial device. “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” term is coined by McCarthy in the year 1956. Basically there were two ideas in the definition of Artificial Intelligence. (i) Intelligence (ii) Artificial device. There were different views regarding the scope and Artificial Intelligence. One view is that artificial intelligence is about designing systems that are as intelligent as humans. This view involves trying to understand human thought and an effort to build machines that imitate the human thought process.This view is the cognitive science approach to AI. Neural […]

Actually, managerial, administrative and professional occupation. (, 2016)

                 Actually,Islamophobia is fear of Islam and Muslims. As Muslims are considered terroristall over the world, therefore Western countries have more fear of Islam andMuslims. Islam religion is not tailed all over the world specifically in Westerncountries that’s why Western people thinks Islam is religion whose followersare foes of non-Muslims. (en.wikipedia. org, 2018)           The term islamophobia came in early 20thcentury but it is famed after CBMI description.(rahsaan.web.unc. edu, 2013)           Islamophobia become a growing political andsociological important topic. Islamophobia, rather than simple criticism is afear of Islam. Early criticism was from Christians, who thinks Islam as heresyfrom Christian religion.  (www., 2017)          […]

What in my essay, I will take two

What is the true purpose of the religion?From the Socratic times, people ask questions like “Who I am ?” “Who is my creator ?””What I should do or not do ?”. These questions impacted people, philosophers to studyTheology, the study of unmoved mover (God), and later to form the concept of “religion”. Which is failed to be defined because of the difference of views about its functioning orpurpose. There is the myriad of thoughts about the true target of the religion, but the mostgeneral one is that the largest religions(Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) teach usto noble qualities such as […]

The in a different way. When we pull

The most astounding and interesting math problems that troubled mathematicians for centuries, paradoxes in mathematics have always mind boggled many people in the course of thousands of years. These paradoxes defy the logical and fundamental concepts that are familiar to us today. Whether it is the Banach-Tarski Paradox or even a simple one, the Bootstrap Paradox, mathematicians have always been intrigued by these problems. The most popular and interesting of these paradoxes come from Zeno of Elea. Zeno’s paradox are not only of interest to mathematicians like myself, but they are also important to physicists and philosophers around the world. […]

During The conception of God, whether among philosophers

During the history of humanity, there were different conceptions of human essence. I will focus on the idea of ‘humanity is God’s children’ because it is the only one relevant for the purposes of this paper. Being a God’s child implies being created. The conception of God, whether among philosophers or on the level of people who believe, indicates that he is omnipotent and omniscient. The Christian philosopher and theologian Anselm in Ontological argument describes God as ‘being than which nothing greater can be conceived.’1 When God creates something he knows what he does. One can compare God’s creation with […]

I’ll against him which are impiety and god

            I’llbegin by analyzing some of his dialogues. I’ll begin with the Euthyphro. In the Euthyphro dialogue, when Socrates was awaiting his trial, heencounters Euthyphro. Euthyphro is a man who considers himself, and isconsidered by many as a person who is well versed in religion, gods and holymatters in general. He is so confident in this assessment that he brings hisfather to the court of Athens for a trial about the charge for an arguablemurder. Euthyphro has no doubts about the accusation, he is fully convincedthat he is right about this accusation. Socrates sees this […]

To the importance of capitalism as unleashing productive

To begin, although both economists differ in many ways,Smith and Marx did agree upon the importance of capitalism as unleashing productivepowers. The most obvious similarity between these two is that they are economicphilosophers who looked to achieve a stable economy and government to reduceclass tensions. Although Marx may not have supported capitalism, they bothbelieved that capitalism required ever expanding markets. Smith thought thisbecause he believed you are not able to divide jobs down too much unless thereis a growing and large market. For example, a teacher in the city with a largepopulation may be able to specialize in one subject […]

As famous and influential astronomers. He made developments

As an influential philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer, Galileo Galilei, who is also known as Galileo, made many advances in many different areas, but especially in astronomy. Galileo was a professor and the head of the mathematics department at Pisa University and later did the same thing at the University of Padua.  He conducted many experiments and trials that furthered knowledge that had to do with mathematics and physics when he was in that position. Galileo also challenged ancient views proposed by famous philosophers and intellectuals such as Aristotle. His fellow professors and peers did not agree with his views, and […]

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