Plato is considered to be one of the most important figures in Western philosophy. Plato was a student of Socrates, and he wrote for Socrates. After being taught by Socrates, we see Plato views were heavily influenced by Socrates. Through this we see how Plato started to develop his own systems.

 With the search for knowledge for the highest good helped Plato systems.  The first reference we see by Plato is The Republic to form the Good. Plato tells us that good is the ultimate knowledge. However, it is also known to be knowledge of itself, and from the good, things are gain their usefulness and value. Plato then tells us how we are compelled to pursue the good. He tells us that true knowledge is conversant, not about those material objects and imperfect intelligences which we meet within our daily interactions with all mankind. However, rather it investigates the nature of those purer and more perfect patterns which are the models after which all created beings are formed. Plato believes that Good derives many things into this world.

If you we look at the word truth, it comes from Good. Truth is usually used to be a positive influence or fix an area that have been broken.  Understanding this type of form helps us understand everything else and all other forms. This topic makes us think about what gives truth to the things know. The power to know to the knower. Plato says it is because of knowledge and truth, it is also an object of knowledge. Plato wanted to determine truth behind appearance.

 Plato explains his opinion by giving us examples. One of his examples was talking about the sun and our sight. He refers that the sun with the form of Good allows us to see things. He then describes how the sun allows for sight.

However, Plato also makes a very important distinction between the two. He says that the sun is not sight, but it’s the cause of sight itself. The reason why is because the sun is a visible realm, and Good is in the mind of the realm.  After learning more about Plato, we see how the conversations Socrates had made an impression on how Plato viewed the world and his theories. Most of Plato’s views were the same as Socrates teachings. However, even though they both had many of the same viewpoints.

Socrates encourage his students to examine their own beliefs. He would test his students by a question-and-answers teaching style. That’s how we see Plato reflect and make the form of what is Good. Plato tries to find out of what truth comes from and what it is.

Even though other people disagreed or view his form as a different idea, Plato still claimed that Good is the highest form. Plato view started to be accepted as a hypothesis, rather being criticized for its weakness. With the way Plato viewed and studied his form he made many people, still today, have many different interpretations on his intention for his form.  


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