Police Officers all over America keeps cities more safe by putting their lives between evil and good. Over the last few years, citizens trust in law enforcement has diminished because of false media and untrue rumors. The way people interact with police and how police respond suspect was doing something illegal or suspected of doing something illegal in the first place. Yes there are bad cops and yes they should Beyond false media and untrue rumors, good acts of deed and unbelievable heroism trumps examples of bad officers in the workplace. In light of recent outburst due to police use of force tactics and shootings, studies have shown that police officers do not target a subject due to his or her race. Not only do police officers not judge by race but being a person of color in this country, you are less likely subjected to an officer involved shooting.

In addition, police come in contact with roughly 60 million people in a year, and out of that 60 million, only 3% filed for complaints against that officer that came in contact with them. (National Review) The Bureau of Justice Statistics conducts surveys and studies each year on all different police and crime data. In a recent study done by BJS, information shows that 9 out of 10 people who come in contact with police say that they feel as if the officer acted appropriately and professionally. This statistic is important because it shows that the overall population that comes in contact with police, have nothing bad to say at all. Furthermore, police contacts are good and productive rather than violent. Again, police are not the bad guys.

More than not, police contacts are not bad, it depends on how both parties react in that situation. An equally significant aspect of police work is “Officer Involved Shootings.” In recent years, police shootings have increased due to more violent crimes and because of violence directed at police officers. As a result of police officers felons each and guns so often, we need to blame our ghetto and hold them responsible. In recent months, police have accountable instead of the police. Criminal profiling FBI would have crime analysis come to crime scenes and find key clues and evidence, they then would pile all that together and give a description of a person. In the same way the FBI does is it, so do police officers, although it is similar with racial profiling, the two do not coincide. Police Not only could this prevent racism, but many people get racial and criminal profiling mixed up.

if used correctly bad people can get caught before they can go through with crime they intended to commit. Moreover, racial profiling should never The keepers of peace have assaults on police officers (NLEMF). Just because a uniform profession. Devon Anderson said “It is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcementPolice have faced accusations about integrity and misconduct for any years. he tried to grab the officer’s gun and then went to tackle Officer Wilson. Before factual statements showed that Michael had In today’s world, technology has become a key part in law enforcement. Whether it is computers, lights, location services or body worn cameras. With each new technological device given to the officer, the more safe they become and in return can do their jobs better.

One of the most technological advances in law enforcement today for use of force and whether they used their powers correctly or if they did not, body cameras have seemed to bring light to this situation. While officers wore these cameras, complaints dropped, many researchers believe it’s because people can’t lie about what happened anymore. As well as complaints against officers, the studies also found that there was a significant reduction in the number of civilian injuries by officers. Along with reduction in injuries and complaints, the officers stated that the body worn cameras even helped to de-escalate situations and citizens behavior changed when seeing the camera. Not only did the cameras improve police and civilian contact but a statement made by the officers who wore the cameras said this: “Most felt that the body worn cameras made them better officers.” Regardless of past altercations with police, these cameras are making the citizens who come in contact with police more ttruthful.

Thesecameras are also doing the same to the officers. As stated before in a previous paragraph, police are the subject to violence, They have is by far one of the most dangerous. In 2016, 140 police officers to keep the public safe. In recent years the president and the wWhitehLaw enforcement is not an easy job, I believe it is one of the hardest to perform today. Officers get criticized and ridiculed everyday just for doing their job. They get stereotyped and called pigs before people know what or who they are like as humans.

Yes there are bd police officers, and surges for his or are bad


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