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Google once trusted tochange China with its web crawler, however, Google may end up impacting moreadjustments by shutting it down. They are perhaps the most reiterated,misinterpreted, and revered three words to ever be identified with Google:”don’t be evil.” Those words, featured in the organization’s basicpublic offering in 2004, underscored how in a surprising way Google should bethought of contrasted and the typical association.This has consistentlybeen an organization with a moral beat, one that in its initial days pulled ina specific kind of confident form who really acknowledged the world could bemade a prevalent place by a careful association that capably […]

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Mahnoor GulNATODelegate ofAfghanistanTopic:Future of NATO in Afghanistan Honorable chairand fellow delegates, The nationof Afghanistan is set to discuss one of the most critical decisions in thecountry’s modern history , a decision that will impact the lives of ourgeneration and the generations to come.  Aftermore than a decade of unprecedented change, Afghanistan has come a long wayfrom where it was in 2001. Today, where we take our destiny and future is inour own hands thanks to the sacrifices made by thousands of brave Afghan menand women in uniform and those of our international allies.”For over a decade, NATO Allies and partners havestood […]


 Basically, responsesare group of indicators which provides information about actions stated ormeasures taken by social institutions, organization or individuals to improvethe state of the environment or reinstate its previous balance such as theintroduction of regulations. Here the government has imposed Law on pollutionunder control (India). It states the Co2 emission should be lower than thelimit set by the government. Along with this it has also set a new law thatcranes older than 15 years won’t be used in heavy industrial projects as theyrelease more smoke in the air and pollute the environment and to avoid theaccidents. Co2 gas emissions by […]

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“Islands in Flux – the Andaman and Nicobar Story” by Dr. PankajSekhsaria.Change and flux are major things in any system, it might bepolitical or ecological or geological or cultural system, sometimes we thinkchange should happen and at the same time change shouldn’t happen. Sociocultural,ecological and geological are the three major factors that contribute to Andamanand Nicobar islands. Andaman and Nicobar islands are well known for tourism,cellular jails, and 2004 tsunami and Jarawas. Jarawas is an ancient tribe whichis in existence for more than 40,000 years in Andaman and Nicobar islands. Since India’s independence, the government was keen to takeadvantage of […]

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Evolving from a hindi principled monarchy to a federal parliamentary republic with the push of the Maoist Revolution, Nepal, although still one of the most impoverished countries in the world, is progressing to a hopeful future with a sustainable economy and solid government.Before Nepal was even Nepal, the native Newar people are the original people to occupy that area. Today the Newar people only make up about 0.6% of Nepal’s overall population but about half the population of Kathmandu Valley. The rise of the Licchavi dynasty in the 4th century C.E was probably the 1st indian originated ruling family in […]

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Thegreatest part of the inner conflicts emerge from Winston’s miserable life,which is the foremost conflict in 1984. At the beginning of the book, Winstonhas begun to scrutinize the hopeless system of the government. He began tocompose a journal wherever he wants to express his “unlawful thoughts” andhates about the Party, Big Brother, as he feels like he is the only one who hasthis rebellious feeling. Winston wishes so gravely to meet other individual hadthe same ideal as him and ought to find out more about what causes genuinesatisfaction. He has acknowledged the very fact that he had perpetrated thoughtcrime which […]

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The first iPhone was a technological breakthrough whichchanged the way we interact with our phones. More than a decade later, technologyis well on its way to make an impact in our lives yet again. This time, it’sour self-driving cars, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). As UK transportminister Johns Hayes once said, “driverless cars offer huge benefits tomotorists such as reduced delays and more reliable journey times” (GOV UK,2017), but are we ready for this change? No doubt it is the future, buteveryone has to play a part to tackle the pressing issues in order to fulfilthe true purpose of driverless […]

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Sexualaddiction is also known as sex addiction. Practically, this happens among theyouth where they have an open relationship. The number of sex addiction isrising up from year after year among Malaysian youth. As from my understanding,sex addiction is about the uncontrollable urge to behave sexually even thoughnegative consequences may occur as a result of that behavior. Sex addictionstarts to gain more popularity from society, media and the college students asthey have revealed their concerns about sex addiction. The major therapist forsex addiction is the internet because it allows the sex addicts to accesspornography in an anonymous way. Based on my […]

Federalism State control allows the states to set

Federalism is defined as the allocation of responsibility and authority between the states and the federal government. All of the states have surrendered a portion of their authority to the federal government. This helps to create a balance of responsibility between the states and the federal government. Ultimately, the power of the federal government is supreme which means that the federal government can step in if necessary (George Washington University, n.d. ). State control allows the states to set their own policy, which is common when an issue is new on the political scene. State control is favorable in situations […]

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?    Scientific Integrity results fromadherence to professional values and practices, when conducting and applyingthe results of science and scholarship. It ensures: Objectivity, Clarity, Reproducibility,Utility.?    Scientific Integrity is importantbecause it prevents Bias, Fabrication/Falsification, Plagiarism, Censorship andInadequate procedural and information security?    Breaches in Scientific Integrityand ethical lapses in research can significantly harm human and animalsubjects, students, and the public and Potentially endanger scientific anderode public trust. §  Hwang Woo Suk Case?    Hwang Woo Suk is a South Koreanscientist, once celebrated pioneering expert in the field of stem cell researchup to 2006, when allegations of fraud and research misconducts against him andsome of his colleagues were confirmed.?    Egg donation: […]

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