Position Paper for the Human Rights Council The topics before the Human RightsCouncil are ‘Privatization and the Human Right to Water’ and ”. The HumanRights Council is the main inter-governmental body within the United Nationsystem, which is composed of 47 member states. The Council is responsible forthe promo Role of Technological Development in Human Rights Infringements tionand protection of human rights and be more responsive to the needs of victimsof rights violations. China has taken vital steps to ensure the protection ofhuman rights.      I.

        Privatization and the Human Right to Water The privatization of water hasalways been a topic that nations disagree on. Both sides of the equation areunique with certain advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the country dowiegh out the odds and ultimatly take a final decision. Some argue that theprivatization of water companies will bring out investments and reduce thefinancial burden on the state . On the other hand, water from private sectorsis more expensive, and less governmental handling and this may create a statedependent on the outside for its basic needs.

People’s Republic of China supportsthe privatization due to many reasons , the main one being privatization isthat it leads the country to gain more profit and become more powerful toimprove the nation and improve the education , moreover, education in China isvery benefitial and crucial. “In China,the privatisation of water supplyhas been proceeding for the last 15 years and one of the consequences is therise of gigantic Chinese water companies” . China is againstthat the government provide water to the people , China has the most populationin the world which means that if the government provide the water the citizensit will not develop for the reason that the government is trying to make thecountry to develop with providing better education and better technology .China is near to rise above Europe in developing technology, therefore , itsfocusing on the privatization of water which makes the companies benefit fromproviding water to the people. Eventhough this step will increase the watercosts, the nation is willing to help the citizens in other ways.   II.

        Role of Technological Development in Human Rights Infringement Technological development plays amajor role in human rights infringement as there are scientists and militaryexperts that are creating ‘killer robots’. Wih the advancements in technologythe ability to monitor the actions of people is becoming easier and while suchthing can have some cons, the pros benefit societyin such a great manner thatis often acceptable to disregard the negatives and only consider the positivefor a certain topic. Technology can provide an eye thatmonitors the actions that infringe on the basic human lives. Major politicalbodies can implement technological eyes that watch out for minorities who mightoften be left unheard. Technology can also provide a gateway for those exactpeople to report such incidents and help get their voice heard. The People’sRepublic of China agrees and encourages the use of technology as a bridgebetween the people who can make a change and the ones who need the help.China is now the second largestperformer in terms of R&D spending, the nation is going ahead intechnological development.

The government is working hard to improve thetechnology to help the human right infringement, it is also increasinglyprominent in industries that intensively use scientific and technologicalknowlegde. 


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