Present a solution. Apple as company believes in

Present a
solution for the customer to use in day to day life

employees are now beginning a series of closed and open-ended questions to best
understand customer needs example of this is that employs sees a man who
carrying a laptop bag and is smartly dress they assumed that he travels a lot
so the employee begin by telling him about passbook app on the iPhone and may
be useful for him and also show that apple has partnerships with Starbucks and many other companies. Also show that it is like a digital
wallet. Instead of printing a boarding pass that he can send a digital boarding
pass to your iPhone. Employees are very well-trained and experienced. Apple
Store managers have placed employs to help customers for this reason.

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 present a solution for the customer

This sales skill is use in apple sale team this is an important step. Apple Store sales people are
not on commission so the salespeople doesn’t care whether customers buy a
product or not. But they do care about customer experience. There goals is to
provide a solution. Apple as company believes in connecting with
customers in store experience and the brand on social media platform. Sale team
are being told to promote customer to come and personal pickup for their
products to encourage customers to come back to the store.
Apple think by teaching this skill the customer will know about the brand and
end up buying one of their products.


A Great customer service starts the second your customer
walks through the door but
Understanding the buyer is not just selling the most expensive thing but what
benefits the customer and company profits. An apple employee always has Solid facts and personal
experiences this may get you sale but customers are not able to clearly explain what is
wrong and it’s completely normal. Apple employee always helps customer who got concern or
question that may not make them want to buy apple employees help understand the
customer and help to resolve the problem

listen for and resolve issues

Apple sales team role is to fit customers with the right product to meet
your needs. Sometimes
customers are not able to clearly explain what is wrong and it’s completely
normal. They don’t know what iPhone or iMac is but they just know that they’ve will have expectations towards the
product. Apple sale team job is to restore their faith in the company,
but first, you need to find out where the problem is. Apple as a company apple
has trained there stuff to ask how they are can resolve a problem. Communication skills are important for nearly every
employees position. Apple has able to speak with customers, to