Product packaging design is thecommunication between the product and customers. It can relay the uses, theimpression, and the expected outcome to them. It is also considered as anindispensable marketing tool to compete with competitors in terms of productdevelopment of both local and international brands (Trending Packaging, 2015).

Product packagingis a prominent factor in businesses especially to the extent of determining thesuccess or failure of an organization as it acts as a product differentiationfrom competitors. An example would be Tiffany & Co. It uses robin’segg-blue boxes to store the jewellery for every customer that makes a purchaseand thus, the colour concept left an even iconic and memorable experience forthe customers as compared to their products (Conran, 2014).  It is the way of how customers remember thebrand through the packaging, design and the concept of it. Currently, there are more purposes thatproduct packaging design serves as. It has the ability to communicate withconsumers, enhancing the core product, and promoting the product with the useof visual experience, and consumer experience.

With the growing market and advancedtechnology, packaging can no longer be as simple as just packing a product withjust words. Initially, the use of packaging only applies to luxury products asthe materials used for packaging were relatively expensive, but now, it is amust in selling products so as to attract and retain customers. Over the years,consumers have also requested packaging to be environmentally friendly whilehaving a creative design on the packaging. A successful example will beStarbucks whereby they uses recycled material for their paper bags, cupsleeves, etc. and with their simple packaging design, many consumers areattracted to it.  1.

1 What is Creativity?In the traditional days, people viewedcreativity as simple and easy as it could be whereby in the case of it, willinvolve only three elements which are the creator, product, and the audience. Whateverproduct that is produced and deemed as creative in the past, the audience wouldalways associate it with the creator. There are many different forms of showingcreativity and not necessarily be a physical product such as songs andincorporating elements into products like technology, art, etc. It is evaluatedby the audience if the products produced are creative or not and it all refersto being unique whereby nobody has ever thought of it.

In this article,creativity is defined as “the process by which a cognitive agent acquiresa novel perspective that is useful to it in some way by interacting with anobject or situation” (Indurkhya & Bipin, 2012).It implies that the creator associate usefulness along with a product to bringconvenience to people. In a study, it identified the critical elements of creationof an individual which are attitude, interest, motivation,  and popularity. In order to have a creativethinking style towards solutions, it will be best for individuals to possessthe elements as mentioned above. It will unleash the potential creativitycapacity of them. Besides these elements, the way in which individuals areraised which are normally categorised by countries has an impact in how theyshow their creativity (Rudowicz & Yue, 2000).


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