Professionalismis a word of which we feel we have an intuitive understanding.

From theearliest years of our training we are told that it is important to upholdprofessional standards. ‘Be professional’ is such a versatile ethicalimperative that it can give guidance in how we ought to act in almost allaspects of our working lives. Professionalism is soon to become a quantifiedmeasure of our fitness to continue practice. In nowadays the professionalismis very important because the people developed their knowledge and as a dentistwe should treat our patients honestly and listen to them in empathetical wayand with full of kindness.

The dentist with the good professionalism theycommunicate with the patients better than others and the patients are feel verycomfortable and happy. And the dentist should discuss the treatment in detail andstep by step to let the patient know what’s the problem and to understand whatwe will do in the next visits.  Before two weeks ago I went to a dental center in Kuwait.

To observe in Kuwait dental center, you should have an observation requestpaper. Upon my visit I concentrated to see the meaning of the professionalismand to understand it. In the observation I saw a doctor that he was good and excellentbecause his information was up-to-date and he was using new materials such asflowable composite, Spherical Supra-Nanocomposites, and new devices. The doctorwas so efficient because he knew the new material so well and he was treating thepatient in professional way and the patient left the clinic with big smile.  In the second day I saw some cases, one of them was adoctor with bad professionalism because he was shouting on patient and he showeddisrespect to the patient. The infection control was so bad because he wastouching many things with the infected gloves and using his phone in front ofthe patient and his knowledge was not very good and he wasn’t up-to-date. Also,he was keeping the water bottle on the tray.

In addition to that, he picked upthe gauge by contaminating gloves not the tweezers.   So, I learnedfrom this visit to treat patient kindly and treat him with full respect. And keepingmy information up-to-date.  The Third day was very exciting because I went to orthodontistthat he removed orthodontic brackets and the result was magnificent. The patientstarted his treatment before two years. At that time the dentist drew atreatment plan such treating caries and extractions and scaling to start orthodontictreatment. The doctor showed me a picture for the patient mouth at that timeand it was a mess. I really like the treatment plan that the doctor drew, thatwas in a professional way, and the way that he deals with patient because hewas very polite, kind, confident, and the smile always was on his face and theclinic was very tidy and very organized in a professional way.

So, the communicationbetween the dentist and the patient is very important in professionalism tofacilitate the treatment procedure and make it easy and organized. The dentist mustbe patient, respectful, courteous and truthful. As a conclusion I learned fromthis experience so much about professionalism and dealing with patients in aproper way. As a dentist we should respect our stature, rules and principles.

Andthe experiment was so exciting and helpful to me as I learned many important modernissues in dentistry.     


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