Project title:   10 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Have

Category:  Fashion

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, there are a certain pieces and styles that have managed to stay the same over the years and still look breathtaking if worn properly.  Classics as we call them, never go out of style and fashionistas and style leaders around the world understand and embrace that. Just like them, these wardrobe staples can be every woman’s your saviour as well. Considering fashion emergencies are ever-so-occurring in every woman’s life. Considering we never have anything to wear. So, let’s get started and discuss different types of dresses that suit majority of woman and somehow always manage to save the day and make you look fabulous.

1.     A flirty summer dress

A dress you’ll probably treasure for years to come, it’s a complete must have. You can dress it up with heels and a clutch, dress it down with flats, wear it however you like and it’ll look just fine. Also, somehow summer dresses always manage to make you look all fun quirky.


2.     A floral number


A complete magnet, this dress works everywhere be it a neighbours barbeque or an evening event. You could either go bold with bright and big prints or choose smaller ones. All depends on what works for you.


3.     A maxi dress


This one’s for all those beach visits or the days when you feel boho-chic. A solid colour works well for formal events and a printed one has got all your beach weddings covered.


4.     A tailored perfection


Every woman needs this one in her wardrobe for. It makes for a good fret-free work wear, something you can wear to church and even all those grown up events where you want to look spec and clean.


5.     The daring beauty

This particular one is my favourite. This one dress is for diva in you, it should perfectly reflect how you feel and accentuate your body to its maximum limit. For this one, Go big or go home!

6.     A body-con number


Make them all drool, you ex jealous and his present girlfriend burn with a super glamorous, fire hugging dress that will make all the heads turn. Remember: leave the best bits to imagination, that’s the secret.


7.     A sheath dress


This type of dress is every working woman’s dream. Something that will take you from office to party in about 5 minutes. Just take that coat over and add a lip tint and you’ll be good to go.


8.     A basic white number


Just like a basic white shirt, we all need a white dress. It works for every skin tone and looks fabulous. Just add a pop of colour with accessories and you’ll be good to go.

9.     A classic retro polka dot


Go retro with a super-hot backless retro number. This one is for all those theme parties you missed because you didn’t have anything to wear.

10. The iconic LBD


I just cannot stress enough on how important a good, fitted black dress is. It makes every woman look like a goddess, just pair it with killer heals and a bright lip stain and every guy in the drool will be drooling.

So, the next time you are out shopping make sure you get your hands on some dresses, because well only then will you look yummy woman.  


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