quarter into view—”Shit!”I swear, throwing my head back,

quarter past eleven and the signing’s already started and I have a mob waiting for you. Don’t do this to me.”A quarter past eleven? Huh? I open my eyes, and when the bright red numbers come into view—”Shit!”I swear, throwing my head back, accidentally head-butting Charlie in the face. “Dude! Shit! We’re late! We overslept. Get up!”I jump out of bed and realize I’m naked. “Shit!”I turn, bending forward and trying to cover myself. “I think I saw all your secret hiding places last night. No need to hide from me now.””Ugh,”I grunt, realizing he’s right, and go in search of my underwear. Finding a pair under the bed, I hop on one foot to the next, trying to get them on. “Seriously, Bates, get up! Kristen is going to kill us.”He finally hops out of bed, his fucking morning wood about to poke his own eye out, and leisurely goes in search of his own clothes. “Katie, please!”Shit, stop calling me Katie! “Kristen! It’s Bailey! I’m up! So sorry! I’ll be down in ten minutes!”Charlie comes up behind me, wrapping his hand around my lower waist and pressing his lips to the back of my neck. I stop for a second and lean into his hold, until I realize what the fuck I’m doing and push him away. “Seriously, Bates, get dressed and out of here.”His laughter’s getting on my nerves. “Wow, I never expected you as a love ’em and leave ’em kind of girl. I’m wounded.”I want to turn around and punch him, but the knocking on the door interrupts that. “Dude, let me in. I’ll help you get ready faster.”Kristen bangs again on the door. Shit! She cannot see Charlie in my room. “Dude, you gotta go. Seriously. Back where you came from, buddie.”I bend down, grabbing his shirt and tossing it at him. Grabbing his shoulders, I push him toward the connecting door. “Katie, seriously, let me in!””Who’s Katie?””I have no idea, now shoo, get out—”Charlie quickly turns, catching me off balance. Dropping his shirt, he lifts